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The books (Starting idea) (standard:drama, 442 words)
Author: ZethAdded: Dec 15 2007Views/Reads: 1982/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is the idea for one of my new stories. i have dicited to take a turn from my bloody phsyco stories. it is like a demo to a game. so coment on if i should write it. thanks. Zeth

Well. the story is about a child (Dylan) Who runs away after His dad
tries to kill him while in a drunken haze. Dylan tries to live in the 
streets for a few days. after that plan doesn't work he wanders into a 
bookstore. He meets with the owner and makes a deal to stay in the 
bookstore during the day and spend the night in the employee lounge. 
The owner (Jon) and dylan get a father-son feeling. Dylan has a father 
now and Jon has a son now (He lost his un-born son due to bith 
complications). Find out the rest later on. 

The demo-like thing: 

P.S. It is kind of skippy, but it is just parts from it. i will improve
later on. 




by seth 

It starts like this: 

"Get up, fucking ittiot. I need the shower", his dad pounded on the door
with a clenched fist. 

Dylan got up from his makeshift bathtup-bed. He streched and opened the
door. in his presence, stood a tall, dark, and not so handsome man. He 
grabbed Dylan and shoved him into the small hallway as he hit his 
sholder on the door frame of another room. He shrugged it off and 
wandered sleepily down the hall. He looked into his father's room; beer 
cans were surrounding the bed in some sort of worship-looking thing. 


A while later: 

Dylan felt his father tug at his shirt; he turned around, grabbed his
dad's shirt and made him hit the glass window, he fell from the 
two-story drop onto their car. Dylan didn't waste time to see if he was 
okay, he ran down the street in search of someone to help his bleeding 
side. He figured some one would be out but found nothing. 


At the bookstore: 

People stared at Dylan as he walked in. With ripped clothes, hair with
clumps of dirt clenching to his stands, and bleeding from his hands, 
ribbs, and face, he didn't expect any other treatment. The manager 
walked to Dylan at a fast pace. 

"Can I help you with anything sir", he said in a ergent voice. 

"No, no. I am just looking", Dylan replied. He felt that he needed to
tell some one of what just happend. 

"May I talk to the owner of the store?" 

"Your lookin' at him". 

Dylan asked to go to the man's office. Once there, he spilled everything
that happened in the last 24 hours. The Owner sat listening intently. 
Nodding now and then. When Dylan finished he asked, "Listen sir, I know 
that I just met you, but, is there somewhere I could stay?" 


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