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Witness (standard:mystery, 2674 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Dec 22 2007Views/Reads: 2503/1578Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Gwenna Grayson moves to a new town and starts life anew. She marries and has two children. Her husband Steve has no idea that Gwen was in the Witness Protection program. Her life begins to unravel when her chidren are kidnapped, and Gwen is forced to reve



Sarah Spenser 

Book Jacket Information 

Gwenna Grayson changes her name and moves to a new town. She settles in
to a comfortable life and marries Dr. Steve Singer. But almost a decade 
later, Gwen's past threatens her life and her two children Ethan and 
Emily.  When her children are kidnapped, Gwen is forced to reveal who 
she really is to her husband. Putting her children's lives in jeopardy. 

1. Calm before the Storm 

The sun streaked in the window, illuminating the room. Gwen opened her
eyes sleepily and glanced at the clock. It was nearly 6:30 and she had 
to get up and start her day. She rose unsteadily from bed and searched 
for her slippers. She smiled as she put them on; Steve had given her 
blue suede slippers for her birthday. She padded down the hall and 
peaked in on Emily and Ethan. 

She smiled as she saw them sleeping peacefully; they looked so much like
Steve. Emily had a shock of red hair and freckles that framed her 
delicate little face. Ethan looked like Gwen blond hair, brown eyes and 
Steve's prominent nose. Gwen tiptoed from the room and went to turn on 
the coffee pot. Steve had worked a late shift at the hospital and 
wasn't home yet. He was a highly skilled and respected ER doc, it was 
grueling but he loved it. His compassionate heart and lust for life 
preceded him, and everyone loved him. Gwen looked at the photos that 
adorned their country style kitchen. Photos of their wedding day, the 
births of Emily and Ethan, and the kids' first birthdays. Steve was a 
handsome man, tall with red hair and blue eyes. They met on a blind 
date that Gwen's best friend Margo Martin had set up. 

As the coffee brewed, Gwen remembered the first time she met Steve. He
was the most intelligent and charismatic man she'd ever met, and his 
heart was as big as Mother Nature herself.  Gwen had arrived in town 
just a month earlier. She had shed her old identity, changed her name, 
and left behind everything and everyone she'd ever known. All because 
of one fateful night. 

The authorities had told her it wasn't safe for her to leave the Witness
Protection program, but she adamantly refused to have it control her 
life anymore. She was not allowed to contact her family or friends. Not 
only would it give away Gwen's location, but it would also put her 
loved ones in danger. The person she once knew as herself was gone. In 
Lucinda Layton's place was Gwenna Grayson. She had seen the name Gwenna 
on a program featuring women scientists. She loved the name Gwenna, and 
one of her favorite actor's last name was Grayson. It was a far cry 
from her identity in the Witness Protection program. 

Alice Miller was the name she had chosen for herself. She cried when
Officer Shawn Hastings handed her the phone book and had told her to 
"Pick a name." He said it as if he was ordering a ham sandwich from the 
local deli. Gwen tearfully scanned the phonebook and saw the name 
Alice; it was her grandmother's name. Miller just went well with Alice, 
and her new identity was born. 

Alice Miller was a respectable single woman who recently moved from
Oregon. The story the authorities wove was a tale of a tragic car 
accident. Alice's parents had been killed, leaving her as the sole 
survivor. That would explain the lack of relatives in case anyone 
asked. Alice had met many wonderful people, but felt dishonest in not 
telling them about her past. There was a man whom she loved dearly. His 
name was Graham Bentoncourte. He was kind, gentle, funny and 
sophisticated. She was instantly enamored, and Graham was enchanted 
with her ass well. 

They had a whirlwind romance; he introduced her to his parents, and two
sisters. His family loved her, but Gwen felt that if Graham knew about 
her past, he wouldn't feel the same way about her. She was speechless 
the night he proposed. He took her to Henry's Hideaway a romantic 

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