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my big brother (standard:romance, 5975 words)
Author: louchanAdded: Dec 27 2007Views/Reads: 2004/1371Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this story is about a girl and a boy who treat themselves as siblings. the boy had to leave the girl for 4 years to study college and when he came back, the girl already has someone else.


It happened when I was still four years old. My mom took me to the
playground for the first time. She was talking to her old friend when 
my foot slipped while I was playing. I cried and cried but still my mom 
didn't hear me. I was still crying when suddenly a seven year old boy 
came to me and said, “Are you okay?” I didn't answer his question. 
Instead, I cried harder. He didn't know what to do and left me. I 
thought he ran away from me because he was scared that my mom would see 
him. But I was wrong. He left because he had to buy me an ice cream 
just to make me stop crying. 

“Here.” He said while handing me a cone of ice cream. I wiped my tears
and got the ice cream. A man went near us and said, “Is that your 
friend son?” That was when I realized that it was the boy's father. 

The man took care of my wounded knee while the boy was telling me
stories about his little sister. He told me how beautiful she was and 
that I look a lot like her sister. He even asked me if I can be his 
little sister now that she passed away. But in the middle of our 
conversation, my mom called me. He saw the man beside me and talked to 

And that's where it all started. 

My mom and the boy's father became good friends. 

When it was time for me and my mom to go, the boy shouted, “Wait! I'm
Martin Vandom. What's your name?” 

“I-I'm Paulie—Pauline Jacob.” I replied. After that, my mom and I went
to the park often. Martin and I became best friends. I even call his 
father “daddy”. Martin treated me as if I was his younger sister. He 
protected me when I was in pre-school. He even called me Polly because 
of how I pronounced my name when I introduced myself to him for the 
first time. He's the only one calling me by that name. 

It was my fifth birthday and he gave me an ice cream as a gift for my
birthday. I t wasn't just an ice cream because there was a whole lot of 
them! (You know the one that the dirty ice cream or “sorbetes” vendors 
push? The one with wheels on them!) Since then, he always gives to me 
as a gift for my birthday. 

We see each other everyday. I even have my own room at their house!
(Well actually, it was built for her sister. But since she passed away, 
“daddy” or should I say Mr. Vandom gave it to me.) 

Martin's a taekwondo player at his school and also a smart boy! His
dad's a taekwondo instructor (Well actually, Mr. Vandom's their coach!) 
We studied at the same school and he always picks me up at my house and 
his dad drives us to school. 

When I turned 10, I had this huge crush on him! I didn't expect that
he'd get handsome on his teenage years! And till now, I have those 
feelings for him. I get jealous when I hear girls talk about him. I 
even hate how his classmates and those who admire him greet me! They'd 
say, “Aren't you Martin's little sister?” And then I'd reply, “No! I'm 
not his sister! I'm his best friend!” And they'd be like, “Yeah right!” 
They always talked to me like that because their three years older than 
me and they all think I'm just a little kid. I don't want to be known 
as Martin's little sister! I at least want to be known as his best 
friend! I don't even like it when he calls me “little sis” sometimes! 

I can still remember when Martin almost got kicked out of our school
because of me. I was twelve years old that time. 

A senior high school boy was bullying me. He said things that made me
cry and he pushed me around because he thinks that he's the strongest 
man in the world. When Martin saw me, he kicked the guy's butt and made 
him feel sorry for what he did to me. And Martin being a taekwondo 
player knocked the guy down. The day after, he was called by the school 
principal and instead of kicking him out (thanks to his dad), the 
principal made him clean the school ground for a month. And I, being 
guilty of what happened to him, helped him clean the school for a 

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