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What (standard:romance, 57074 words)
Author: liy88Added: Jan 16 2008Views/Reads: 1728/1408Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I thought I had moved on with my life. I thought I got over him. But what are these flashbacks? Why am I seeing him again when he's six feet under the ground? (Continuition of Why)

Prologue: Just Kill Me, Won't You? 


Ever since I met her, she was the first thing that entered my mind every
morning when I woke up. And that was three years ago. If my friends 
ever heard the thoughts in my head, I swear that they would laugh until 
they pissed or crapped in their pants. I had no idea why she was so 
different from the other girls but I stuck out with her the longest 
that I have ever been with the opposite sex. Trust me, if someone 
glanced through my record, that someone would label me as a jerk. 

Days ago, I woke up from a long slumber which was filled with dreams
that I could honestly describe as frightening. I had no idea how long I 
had been lying motionless on that hospital bed but a doctor claimed 
that it had been a long time. Too long. I had been in a coma for an 
entire year. 

Two days after I regained conscious, an unexpected visitor paid a visit.
She came bearing news so bad that made me wished I was cursed back to 
the state that I was previously in. Unconscious, unaware of the world. 
Almost dead; stepping over to the other side. God damn it, even hell 
was a better option for me now. My existence was just one fucking joke 
until she came to my life. 

Like I said, my friends would die laughing and as sure as I was
standing, I could finally see tears rolling off their cheeks. But those 
tears weren't like the ones I was shedding in silence. Theirs were of 
glee and amusement. 

Now would be the perfect time for me to die and face the consequences
for all the crap that I had done during my run on earth. Which was a 
lot; and I was doomed to be in hell anyway. I knew that. 

Rhian Sanders was killed by the same bastards that tried to kill me in
the first place. They did not succeed the first time round; I was still 
alive and breathing. I was the product of many skilled hands combined 
to save my life. But guess what? Those damn bastards that were after me 
won after all. The surgeons here failed. I was finally killed. Because 
what was the meaning of living when my reason to breathe was taken away 
from me? 

*** Chapter One: What Do Feel When It's Not You I See? 


The doorbell rang and I scrambled down the stairs to open the door; to
see who it was although I knew it as well as my heartbeat that it was 
none other than the person I was waiting for. I pulled the handle and 
gasped when I saw the person leaning easily against the pillar, his 
arms crossed in front of his chest. The memories of the other person 
faded away immediately as soon as I laid eyes on his handsome features 
and I literally melted into his arms. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked, searching his face for answers that
I was too afraid to know. 

“For you,” he murmured, holding me tighter in his arms. This was not
him; I could not believe it. He never waited for me in front of me 
door. Never once. “Wow,” I breathed. “Oh, wow.” 

“I told you I'll come back,” he stated and I barely nodded, too busy
absorbing each part of his face. “I know you would,” I finally replied 
after I imprinted his face in my memory bank. I had no idea how long it 
would remain there but his face had been fading ever since he went 
away. I had forgotten how gorgeous he was, how his each touch would 
inflame me with passion. “I miss you,” I told him. “So much that it 

“I miss you too,” he said into my hair. “I'm never leaving you.” 

We stayed, hugging each other on the porch of my house, neither one of
us wanting to step away from the embrace. But I pulled away; I had to 
as I needed to see into his eyes, to see if he was still feeling for me 
as much as I felt for him. As I gazed deep into his brown eyes, there 

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