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Mans' best friend (standard:drama, 3426 words)
Author: JohnSeegerAdded: Feb 26 2008Views/Reads: 1642/1016Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dog is lost and then found. In the meantime it saves a family and allows a small girl to grow up a bit.

Man's Best Friend (Sketch) 

A long time ago man found a dog in the street and took it home.  He fed
it and left it in the kitchen, blocked the doors so it could not escape 
and went to bed.  In the middle of the night the house caught fire and 
the dog began to bark.  When the man woke up he gathered his family and 
the dog and went out of the house and all were saved. 

Man's Best Friend 

Actually what happened was that a long time ago a man had a friend whose
dog had puppies.  After the puppies were 8 weeks old, one cool April 
day the man took his daughter over to the puppies to pick out one that 
would please them both.  After much playing, one puppy seemed to be 
especially fond of the girl and after a while, tired as only a young 
puppy can be, it fell asleep in the little girl's lap.  The little girl 
was so in love with the puppy that she didn't want to leave it but 
feared to move unless it should awake.  The daddy gently raised the 
puppy from her lap and wrapping it in a little checked blanket against 
the cool air, he carried it and his daughter to the car and drove home. 

The little girl loved the puppy.  She called it Sandy.  She cared for it
every day, feeding it, brushing it and playing with it from dawn to 
dusk.  By the beginning of the summer Sandy was growing larger but was 
still a little puppy.  It was then, as many do, that the family decided 
to go on vacation.  They would drive from their home in Vermont to see 
Grandmother in California.  The father wanted to put Sandy in a kennel 
while they were travelling but the little girl was insistent that the 
puppy should go with them and finally the father relented. 

They traveled from early morning until late at night but Sandy was good
and the little girl found that it was fun to play in the backseat with 
her best friend.  However it was soon to come to a sorrowful end. 

Late one evening, after a long day of detours and wrong turns they
neared Phoenix, Arizona.  The car was running low on gas and as they 
had a bit more to go before they reached the hotel at which they 
expected to stay, Dad pulled into a gasoline station to fill the tank. 

The little girl was patient but now after this latest long ride needed
to use the bathroom.  Her puppy was asleep on the seat and so she gave 
it a little pat and left the car to go into the building.  Mom went 
with her and Dad attended the gasoline pump.  While Mom and the little 
girl had closed their doors on leaving the car, Dad had left his open 
so he could hear the radio.  He didn't see the little puppy wake from 
his sleep, creep down to the floor of the car, wiggle out past Dad's 
seat, jump to the ground and go hunting for his mistress. 

Unfortunately he went around the building and lost his way amid the
smells of the gasoline, oil and the food from the restaurant.  Ah, the 
restaurant!  It smelled as though there would be a good meal for this 
hungry puppy that hadn't had anything to eat for many long miles.  He 
went to the back of the restaurant and scratched at the door.  A man 
came to the door and on seeing the dog, started yelling loudly and 
kicked at him.  "Don't you come around here looking for food, making a 
mess!!  The health department will be after me right away, that's all I 
need!  Git!, Git outta here!"  Then he took a box and threw it at the 
puppy.  Sandy was frightened and looked for a place to run but the loud 
trucks and cars, and a lot of smells he had never smelled before 
confused him.  He ran from the man and crossed over the iron rails just 
a few yards beyond the back door.  As he ran he was getting farther and 
farther from the little girl he loved and who loved him. 

Shortly after the little girl returned to the car and as she got into
the backseat she saw the puppy wasn't asleep on the seat.  She gave a 
little cry and looked on the floor, then under the seat, then under 
Mommy's seat and Daddy's seat.  She couldn't find the puppy.  She cried 
out, "Mommy, Where's Sandy?!!"  She was frightened for the puppy and 
for herself.  Where could he be?  Her mother looked into the car and 
saw there was no puppy; she quickly asked Dad if he had Sandy.  All the 
time the little girl was crying more and more for her best friend now 
lost in a place that it didn't know.  Dad quickly stopped filling the 
tank and ran over to the other pumps looking for the puppy, he looked 
in the bushes beside the driveway, he looked across the street.  There 

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