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Practical lessons (standard:other, 1653 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 04 2008Views/Reads: 1632/1018Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Awareness about the real deal of encountering a person with AIDS

Practical lessons 

“Want a condom?” he asked. 

Uh...  Wazzat?” She responded taken aback. 

“I mean to say that do you need condoms?” He mumbled on. 

“And why should you be giving them to me?” she quizzed a bit irritated. 

“Because ...errr... we are running an AIDS awareness campaign as part of
our CAS activity and we are therefore distributing condoms to spread 
word of the importance of practicing...err... safe sex”, He hurriedly 
completed his sentence, only twice looking up to meet her eyes. 

“So you study in which school and what exactly is this CAS?” She asked
twisting the scooter key around her well-manicured fingers. 

“CAS is Creativity, Action and Service and it is a part of our
curriculum in New Era International School and we undertake certain 
projects for general good of the society each month and this month  it 
happens to be AIDS awareness month”, He launched into an explanation 

He was distributing condoms in his school uniform and he had chosen the
gates of a discotheque as his appropriate venue. On seeing the helmeted 
figure alighting from a scooter he had approached with his goodies. He 
was however embarrassed to see that he had actually approached a 
beautiful, short-haired girl in her late twenties or early thirties, 
wearing a hip-hop male rock-star's costume, complete with the heavy 
metallic chains and steel bracelets. 

“So you are advocating safe sex, eh? Do you know what sex is like in the
first place?” She queried almost hissing out her words. 

He dug his shoe-tips into the ground and meditated on an appropriate

She grabbed his hands and started dragging him towards the discotheques

“Come; enjoy life first, young fella! Then go on the streets waging a
war against AIDS! You are too young to get into such serious issues and 
spoil your exuberance for life. 

What do you say?” she lectured and asked him in a playful manner 

“Come you be my escort for the day and I will help you pass through
those bloody guarded gates with a wink of my eyes at those hulks. Are 
you game?” She queried 

“I am sorry I am not dressed for the occasion”, he tried to make a lame

“Oh, don't ya worry about your damn prep school uniform. I'll cook up
some story about a fancy dress theme we are having amongst us friends 
for the night. Awww... come on, you cannot let such an opportunity 
pass. Have you been to a hip and happening disco like this one ever? 
You are not even eighteen, I guess. So I'll sponsor all the booze and 
smoke for you. You just hang on to my arms and see the magic unfold. I 
am bored of those usual escorts I have and would enjoy dancing away 
this night with you”, she smiled a suggestive smile, playfully lisping 
her words and running her sharp nails delicately against his forearm. 

He suppressed his flustered look with an idiotic smile. Then he thought
what the heck! This was a golden chance and he couldn't let it pass 
without giving it a try. He loosened up his tie and gave an answering 
nod with a nervous smile playing across his lips. 

They proceeded towards the hulks guarding the gates but as they were
about to step in two strong arms prevented them from moving further and 
they faced the raised eyebrow on a fierce face of one of the hulks. 

“Ok... Ok... take it easy” She said to them. Then she turned to him and
smiled a wonderfully smug smile like a school-girl caught in her act. 

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