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The birth of greed (standard:horror, 545 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Mar 18 2008Views/Reads: 1839/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Imaginary origin of greed

The Birth of Greed 

Once upon a time, men had nothing to eat but their own limbs. Thanks to
their sharp teeth and lithe necks, they were able to develop a rapid 
method of detaching their limbs and gobbling them down  of course, 
hands free. 

Feeding was only once a week. And after consuming their limbs, a
week-long deep sleep followed. Such slumber was so deep that it cannot 
be disturbed by any circumstances, except by the pangs of hunger after 
seven days. The awakening was always followed by the usual feeding  
tearing off, devouring and wolfing down of their limbs. 

As if nature's act of mercy, such regular self-mutilation brought no
pain. Actually, the limbs always grew back. New arms and legs grew and 
developed in a period of seven days, just in time for another feeding 

Such was the cycle. Obviously, men were happy and contented with it. 

But one day, a man named Gredo grew weary and tired of the cycle. He
learned to hate severing some parts of him just to feed himself. He 
loathed being forced to sleep for seven days. He wanted to enjoy more 
waking hours. He desired to move around. He craved for more of life 
besides eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating and 

Then, his grand scheme came. 

One feeding day, though hungry like the rest, Gredo did not detach and
devour his limbs. He merely watched the others realize the bloody 
noshing process. He watched them fell asleep. And since he did not cut 
off his arms and legs, he did not experience the deep-sleep effect. He 
was then able to enjoy more waking hours and free movements. 

Gredo patiently observed and waited for the new arms and legs grow from
his companions  the pangs of hunger were torturing him, but he was 
determined to accomplish his end. 

The new limbs developed fully as the end of the week approached. Then,
before the others stirred from their deep sleep, Gredo madly tore-off 
their new limbs. He was like harvesting from his own bloody field. 

Because of the stabs of hunger, the others finally became wide awake.
But, they had nothing to eat. Their food was now under the control of 
Gredo, who was standing tall and proud before them. He was munching an 
arm not his own, and behind him was a pile of fresh limbs. 

At first, they cursed and spat at Gredo. But as their hunger grew more
intense, they started crying and pleading for Gredo's mercy. Smiling 
devilishly, Gredo distributed small portions, which the others consumed 
without any complaints. Afterwards, they fell asleep again. They fell 
asleep to produce more fruits for Gredo - their master. 

So, there was a new cycle  under the control and direction of Gredo. 

In his eternal reign, Gredo also discovered new things. He found ways to
keep his supply of limbs fresh. He learned how to make his loot tastier 
 jazzed up with better ways to consume them. And he also devised some 
recreations for himself, like playing and abusing his sleeping 
companions  he especially enjoyed the women, in all ways and means. 
Then, he went further by inventing additional systems for his 
advantage: politics, government, media, propaganda and even religion. 


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