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The princess (standard:fairy tales, 498 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Mar 18 2008Views/Reads: 2390/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The eyes of mercy

The princess 

Princes Iana, the daughter of King Zachary and Queen Guilliana in the
kingdom of Mark, was the most loved Markian because of her dazzling 
beauty and caring heart. Yet, despite her many physical and inner 
gifts, she was very much troubled by one matter: her narrow eyes. 

Her parents also had small eyes like those of the Chinese. But Iana's
eyes were much smaller – like mere slits below her thin brows. 

For her fellow Markians, her eyes underscored her magnetic beauty. But
for the princess, they were like a curse - especially, when she saw the 
royal photo album and the kingdom's rogue gallery. 

All the heroines of their kingdom – Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping
Beauty, Belle, Rapunzel and even the Pevensie Girls – had big, 
sparkling eyes. While all the enemies of their land – the Evil 
Stepmother, the Hag, the White Witch, the Underground Witch and all the 
bad witches – had the sinister screwed-up eyes. 

One morning, she went to Queen Guilliana and asked: “Mother, what wrong
have I done to deserve this curse?” 

“Oh, my beautiful princess, everything in you is a blessing,” the queen
embraced her child. “In fact, God and His angels have been frequenting 
our castle since you were conceived – bringing with them many blessings 
for our land.” 

Not relieved by the words of her mother, Princess Iana went to the
dwelling of God to seek for more enlightenment. But to her dismay, she 
was greeted by dozens of squinting angels. 

“They are mocking me. Even the angels find my eyes a permit to scorn.”
the princess thought. She silently went to the court of the Lord where 
she became more upset because she was welcomed by a squinting God. 
Princess Iana broke into tears. 

“Why the tears, princess?” God was alarmed. 

“God, why do you have to ridicule me by putting on same narrow
unfortunate eyes?” Princess Iana sobbed. 

“Oh, my dear, that is not my intention,” God said. “I'm just used to
wearing my eyes of mercy.” 

“I don't understand,” the princess said. “Eyes – of what? And what are
they for, my Lord?” 

God lovingly explained: “Well, I intentionally narrow my eyes to blur my
vision from the sins of men. I strain my eyes to be able to see even 
the least of all good deeds. In that way, every soul – even the most 
crooked one – is ensured of a place in my home. But, what really pushes 
me to do this is the constant pleading of my heart. 

“In the same manner, gentle-hearted people – in all kinds and colors of
eyes – are the founts of mercy and goodness. You have the kindest of 
all human hearts, Princess Iana. That's why the moment you were 
conceived, I, together with my angels, hovered in your castle to give 
you a special salute – the eyes of mercy.” 

Princess Iana joyfully went back to their land. And with her eyes of
mercy, the people of the kingdom of Mark lived happily ever after. 


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