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The light (standard:horror, 679 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Mar 20 2008Views/Reads: 1780/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
For those who believe in the light at the end of the tunnel

The light 

(For those who believe in the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Lyka awoke from a nightmare to another nightmare. 

Earlier, she was being wildly chased by a maniac in the woods when she
fell into a hole. The last thing she remembered before falling 
unconscious was the caving-in of the opening that swallowed her. But 
slumber did not save Lyka from the images of the evil who wanted to 
forcibly enter her flesh – hungry and violent. 

Pain brought her back to consciousness. No, not a pain from any wound or
bone fracture. It was a tickle then pain, tickle then pain, tickle then 
pain. The pain was followed by a slight but increasing numbness in her 

There was a faint light from afar which helped Lyka train her eyes in
the darkness.  Merciful God! There they are! The roots of my pain!  
Ants, spiders and centipedes – in extra-large sizes – were crawling and 
feasting on her arms and legs. 

She jumped to her feet. Her scream exploded as she hysterically swatted
off the creatures from her arms and legs. Go to hell, you hellish 
crawlers! Go to hell! The insects fell on the ground and Lyka stomped 
on them – the survivors frantically rushed to a corner. 

After getting rid of the horrendous creatures, Lyka had a chance to
study her location. Am I in a cave? No...It's more like a tunnel. The 
place looked like a passageway designed for clandestine military 
operations. Height: Around six feet high. Width: Just enough for two 
persons to walk side by side. Condition: Dark and damp. And there – 
maybe more than two hundred meters from where I stand – I can see a 
light, weak but persistent! 

There was a groan, low but long. 

The sound came from a mound sitting at a corner near Lyka. That
mound...It is moving! It is growing!  The mound flowed. Then the flow 
stopped at least a foot away from her. God! The icky creatures are 
back, and they brought thousands more with them! Larger than they were! 
The insects made a swift yet silent formation in front of Lyka – like a 
calm before the storm. 

Lyka felt a heave in her chest. God! What do they want? Are they going
to kill me...and...and feed on my flesh? She slowly turned to where the 
pale light was coming from. And like a sudden pound of a gun's hammer, 
she pushed herself to run. I have to get out here fast! The light! The 
light is my savior! 

She ran like crazy. They are following me! The damned evil freaks are
running after me! Behind her, the creatures followed like medieval foot 
soldiers madly chasing an outnumbered enemy. Hungry and violent. 
Faster, Lyka! To the light! To the light! 

Lyka felt a breeze. I'm almost there! God, I need to reach that light!
She saw the mouth of the tunnel which rested like a half-lidded eye of 
a corpse. At the same moment, she sensed that her chasers suddenly 
slowed down. Yes, you little devils, you are afraid of the light! Go 
back to your mound and eat each other to death! 

Then the afternoon sunlight slowly spread itself before Lyka – it made
her oblivious of her pain, fears and exhaustion. 

She was about to plunge into the light, when she realized something
which forced her to make a sudden and stumbling stop. What?... A...A 
cliff? The mouth of the tunnel was a cliff with razor-sharp edges and 
cragged into an endless nowhere – like the end of the world. Lyka cried 
the most hysterical cry. 

Then, there was the groan again. 

The creatures were inching toward her. They seemed to be saving their
strength for an overnight feast. These maniacs slowed down because they 
knew there was no way out for me! Damn you! Damn you! With the light, 
Lyka clearly saw the creatures snapping, stretching, readying for their 
meal. They appeared to be taking their time – yet obviously, they are 
hungry and violent. 

Lyka closed her eyes as she faced the light. 


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