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The Devil's means (standard:fantasy, 526 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Mar 20 2008Views/Reads: 2020/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The failures of the heart

The Devil's means 

One day, Brain was talking to the major sense organs: Tongue, Eyes,
Nose, Ears and Skin. There were other sense organs – like those buried 
deep in the tissues – but these five were deemed to be the most 
influential in the Body. Thus, whenever there was a problem, Brain went 
to these specialized organs. 

“The Body is dying,” Brain sighed. “It is dying because there are too
many evils going on in its system. Certainly, these evils were infused 
by the Devil himself.” 

The major sense organs slumped in depression because they knew what the
news from Brain meant – they were also dying. 

Tongue was not able to hold itself. “Who is responsible for this? We are
armed with enough safety nets against the Devil's traps. But with this 
ruin, it is obvious that one of us has become weak, one of us has 
become the means of the Devil. 

Brain shrugged. “Who do you think, Tongue?” 

“Not me!” Tongue bellowed. “Whenever I sense an evil taste, I spit it
out and I command the mouth to zip up. There's no way the Devil can 
feed the Body with evil through me. Maybe it's Eyes!” 

“Not me!” Eyes protested. “Whenever I see evil, I immediately pull down
my lids and shut them tightly. There's no way the Devil can bring in 
evil images in the Body through me. Maybe it's Nose!” 

“Not me!” Nose blubbered. “Whenever an evil scent floats, I hold my
breath or summon the Hands to cover me. There's no way the Devil can 
insist its evil whiff in the Body through me. Maybe it's Ears!” 

“Not me!” Ears howled. “Whenever there's an evil hum, I immediately
command the Hands to enclose me firmly. There's no way the Devil can 
glide evil notes in the Body through me. Maybe it's Skin! 

“Not me!” Skin shrilled. “Whenever I feel an evil touch, I excrete it at
once. There's no way the Devil can embed evil sensation in the Body 
through me! No way! ” 

A grinding silence followed the thunderous pleas of not guilty. Then
Tongue glowered at Brain. “Brain, it's you! You are the means of the 

“Why so, Tongue?” Brain softly asked. 

“It's simple!” Tongue furiously wagged. “We, sense organs, are mere
faculties by which outside information is received. We can initially 
repel any undesirable stimulus, but ultimately, evaluation and response 
depend on you. Brain, you are the culprit. You brought evil in the 
Body. You brought death to us!” 

Dagger looks stormed Brain who humbly nodded and bowed. 

“Yes, you are right. Please forgive me, my friends,” Brain sobbed, then
walked away. 

After a couple of hours, only Brain and Heart remained alive in the Body
– but they were also breathing their last moments. 

Painfully, Heart motioned to Brain. “You knew from the start that it was
my fault, not yours. My whims overpowered your careful evaluations. My 
impulse rejected your reasonable responses. I brought evil in the Body. 
I brought death to us. Why did you take the blame, my dear Brain?” 

Brain sweetly smiled and spoke its last words. “My dear Heart, it's
simply because I understand.” 


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