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A Woman's diary (standard:Satire, 4606 words)
Author: SafaaAdded: Mar 21 2008Views/Reads: 3507/1840Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My short story is like a diary where Fatima writes her problems after getting married. She represents the Moroccan society and culture, more precisely the women’s world. Brief, it is from the feminist prospective: it is up to you dear reader to tire out t

A Woman's diary 

Short story written by: 


A Woman's diary 

Thursday, May 14, 2008 

This is the first day of my conjugal life with Abd-Rahman. I don't know
why I was so scared to get married?! Maybe because I have heard a lot 
about unsuccessful marriage stories ,and I don't want to live the same 
scenes, but after all everything seems okay now... in this diary I'll 
not precise the days because they are not important as much as what is 
going on is important, isn't it?!...* 

Today we went to the market and I propose to my husband to buy
covertures because I feel cold at night these days but he started 
whining and he said to me that he doesn't have money! I wonder why he 
married me if he can't afford me what I want ?!!!!...* 

5 months has gone and my husband seems so upset as if he wants to say
something and he couldn't, and finally, he throw it out! He said “ look 
Fatima, if you work too, maybe, our living standard  would be better 
and you know we can build our house and we can have as many children as 
we want, you know.....!?” I was eating at that time, then I stopped and 
I looked at him as if I was looking for a clear reason for this 
suggestion because I know that non of these reasons were 

I started in the second day applying for jobs. By the way, I was once a
university student and I had my B.A degree in Economics. I prefer to 
get married and stay at home looking after my own children then going 
out and being ill-treated and, or hurt. It doesn't mean that I am 
living in a jungle, but as we, women, are sensible beings and our GOD 
doesn't want us to be hurt in anyways. It's better for us to relax the 
whole day at home like princesses. Now, this rule is broken and he 
wants me to work and to confront the outside world even though we 
agreed in the beginning that I will look after the house only and that 
I will not go out to work. I hate to work with men who don't respect 
women. They stare at you as if you are a prey or something that he 
wants to release himself and then throw it when he is done! Sorry for 
being so clear in describing this but it is the truth; don't tell me 
that it happens only in my country, but it does in any place in the 
world. Men are all human beings and they are all the same no matter 
where they live! It's a fact even though he may look nice and 
respectful but be sure when he will find the occasion he will not 
hesitate any second to attack you ...* I finally find a job, I started 
working and working the whole day and our life gets better. I come from 
work exhausted and I have to cook and to do the housework before 
resting. The whole day I am like a soulless corpse; I don't have time 
for my husband and even for myself; let alone, the house!....* 

The tension inside the house is increasing because of money. He said to
me that I have to pay the rent and to buy vegetables and all the 
kitchen's needs, while he has just to solve administrative affaires. It 
is not fair! Therefore, we dispute usually about this division. I 
thought that once I work our life is going to be better, but I was 
wrong. I don't feel okay the whole day at work and worse when I come 
home, where it is supposed to be the place where person can relax!!...* 

Today, is the first day he insulted me ...I cannot describe what I felt
when I heard that words. We went so far this time discussing the issue 
of money and he seems to me today not normal as if he hates me and he 
said to me: “ look you have to give me the whole salary because it's 
for our good otherwise you go out...." After that, when I tried to 
explain my opinion, he called me “stupid cow!” I was shocked! I was 
helping him and now I just have been insulted! Oh! GOD give me strength 
to control the words that come out of my mouth otherwise I will show 
him my other face...I will not forget it, never. I just shut my mouth; 
and I went to my bedroom; I slept my face to the wall...* 

I could not wake up today. I feel not okay and I asked him to give me

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