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our real love (standard:romance, 301 words)
Author: miss kelleyAdded: Apr 25 2008Views/Reads: 2360/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
lovers who are afraid

Our Real Love 

i love the way you smile as i meet you at the door 

i love the way you play shy, knowing you want me , insides begging for

i love you playful touches when slip under my skirt 

i love the way i miss taking off your shirt 

i love your body, though you think your overweight 

i love it when you grab my ass,damn i miss fucking you late 

i love our beautiful music, let your your body be my drum 

i love being your ms fellatio,i wanna taste you on my tounge 

i love the smell of you sleepin close to me at night 

i love it when you hold me, fuck me, cuddle me tight 

i love you when your nice, you used to caress my hair 

i love our candelight dinners, i once saw my future in your stare 

i love how much i hated you,it made me love you better 

i love it when we were family, our love changed the weather 

i love how i can't see why we finally fell apart 

i love how when your in pain, i feel it in my heart 

i loved you in more ways than i cared to in life 

i love how we used to imagine that someday, i'd be your wife 

i loved carrying your seeds, and laying with you at night 

i loved myself for once, with god only in sight 

i loved leaving you, cuz i knew you'd come back 

i loved you all those nights i cried alone, i felt my heart lacked 

i loved you always, at my worst or at my best 

i love the fantasy that i built for me and you .....but i grew up long
ago, and realized that fairy tales dont come true..........


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