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porno mouth (standard:drama, 688 words)
Author: morganAdded: May 14 2008Views/Reads: 2101/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this story is about loss and grieving

She has a tendency to take everything I pride myself on and pull it
apart at the fucking seams. And then there she is twitching and mewling 
on the bed like a tortured kitten. Road kill just waiting to be scooped 
up in the night and eaten, fingers licked clean, bones plucked from the 
teeth. Fingers coiled and wound, fingers on fire set the mattress 
ablaze. Dirty poetry falling from her mouth like cookie crumbs. Nasty 
words that make me all a twitter. 

This hotel is the dirtiest by far. Dried cum stains on the bedspread.
Bad lighting that turns her skin sallow and mine an eerie green. She 
has the hardcore fuck flick blaring as loud as the 1956 television will 
permit. Hair matted on the dirty pillowcase, her naked body oozing from 
every pore. Slick and shiny she's like an eel. She embodies the word 
wet. Every single part of her is greased up and oily. Water pools from 
every hole just for me to drink from and me alone. Clothes strewn about 
the room, I shed mine for fun. She lies with her arms stretched across 
the bed, head bowed, just like Jesus. She's crucified every night for 
our sins, the ones we commit in this room. The sound of a nail 
splintering wood is deafening and her mouth bursts open to plead for 
some sort of mercy, divine intervention that will never come. 

Nothing gets better and people never change, he'll never come back. He's
buried six feet under with both of our hearts clenched tightly in his 
fist. We have only one another, there's nothing left of him besides 
what he left inside us. The lies that gnaw at my intestines, the hate 
he left in my throat making it impossible to swallow. 

Thighs part like the red sea, she use to love the bible, she use to love
being one of gods creatures. Now she has no use for god, all of her 
rosaries are stored in her underwear drawer collecting dust. Her tongue 
forked long ago, he left her destroyed and left me wanting. I'm in as 
deep as possible, swallowed up to my elbow as I try to find him inside 
of her, try to pull him out. Her head snaps from side to side as if 
she's coming out from an exorcism. Every night I try to find him, try 
to rip him out so he can be mine again. 

And for a moment he's there, swollen lips, twisted grin screaming my
name. For a moment he wants me again and were both seventeen and 
diseased but happy. He's underneath my small hands begging me to stay 
just a little while longer. The world is blue and purple again and it 
smells like spring all around me. I bloom when he touches me and decay 
as soon as she cums. Blonde hair glued to her forehead hollering his 
name like a hallelujah. There I am again on top of this foul mouthed 
distraction asking me to rub it till it bleeds. 

She says that the porn reminds her of him, his porno mouth. She just
can't keep her hands to herself these days, little fuck machine. Yet I 
understand what she means. He always did seem coated in sex, dripping 
with it and now that's her. Legs constantly spread for me, asking me to 
do it like him, asking god for forgiveness. 

The movie ends and it's time to go. She grabs my wrist and asks me to
rewind it, so she can pretend he's there. I look at the screen and 
think of the twin towers coming down and how at that moment he should 
have been there so we could have watched the world fall apart together. 

Collect my belongings and listen to her cry herself to sleep. Me, the
butcher that came for fresh meat to slaughter. Me, the walking corpse. 

She tells me she's going to kill herself if I go. I ignore the sound of
tearing flesh as I picture his porno mouth. The seventeen year old boy 
that I'm still dying to touch. 


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