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I'm okay without my mother. (standard:other, 363 words)
Author: GuitardedAdded: Jun 30 2008Views/Reads: 1665/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is about Aaisha, a 15 year old girl and her experiences about her journey of life.

I was only about two year old when my mother passed away. No one had the
courage to tell a two year old kid then that she had lost her mother. 
For a few days, I was made to live with my far-off aunt to keep me away 
from the truth. Days passed by and I started to feel anxious. I still 
clearly remember how much I cried and the sympathy from the people 
around me increased. At last, my grandfather couldn't stand my tears 
and finally told me, "You're mother would never come back." His eyes 
turned moist and I sense, this was the first time ever I saw my grandpa 
crying. My grandfather and me were quite close. Dad was always on a 
move, so I never really got to spend so much time with him as much as I 
did with his father. One day, me and grandpa were just talking and 
that's when I came to know the actual reason behind my mom's death and 
why did my father married my present step mother, Avantika. 'Dadu' as I 
used to call him never got tired of calling me 'Aasha' instead of my 
actual name 'Aaisha'. He always used to say that I looked like my 
grandmother who died when she gave birth to their youngest son, Raj who 
is my dad. I was enlightened with the fact that the only reason my dad 
got Avantika home as my mother was that being a girl, I needed a mother 
who could I talk to about my every single trouble in this world. But 
unfortunately Avantika was a real wrong choice. (Avantika preferred me 
to call her by name. Maybe she wanted to feel young forever) I needed a 
mother not a figure which feels as if it just came out from fashion 
magazine, Vogue or Elle. She was only good for two things, her makeup 
tips and what to wear for tonight's party. Rest all were cons. Now that 
I've lived my life for 13 years without a mother, I know that I can 
live rest of the life alone too. I don't think I'll ever need Avantika. 
Actually, NEVER.


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