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Maxwell (standard:horror, 2164 words)
Author: ZethAdded: Jul 08 2008Views/Reads: 1901/1236Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a slasher, preety much. It isn't finished, just a taste. PLEASE, I know it isn't a pleasnt story, comment me if you have any suggestions on tweaking it, it is in concentrate, so it isn't as discriptive as I would like.

I am Max.  I am Max! I am Max? Am I Max? You are Daddy?  I love you
Daddy, your blood is so warm.  Keep bleeding Daddy. Hi Mum! Keep 
screaming Mummy, I love that sound.  Keep screaming. 

The world outside the house of the Ceeds was quite as a mouse, the wind
whimpered, the warning was subliminal, it wasn't right. The air was 
cooler than what the residents of Cedar Springs was used to, they 
ignored it, working like busy bees in all directions.  Only concerned 
with themselves, and all who effect them. Mr. Ceeds had moved into 
Cedar Springs mostly because the small town feel, and that his name 
sounded remotely like the town's name. He soon met future Mrs. Ceeds at 
a PTA meeting. He was filling in for his work friend and meet her, they 
had a few drinks and before long, they were engaged.  They had a 
wonderful bright-eyed son whom they named Maxwell Cedar Ceeds.  They 
raised him in a small suburban house on the outskirts of town.  He grew 
normally with high hopes for the future.  If they only knew.... 

It was August Fifth, 1995, Mrs. Ceeds was making a roast beef dinner,
and was cutting up carrots.  Max sneaked by the counters, holding his 
new knife. He was seven at the time of this. Blond hair, brown eyes. It 
looked good on him.  He crept closer, he was clutching his knife so 
tight that his knuckles were turning white. He screamed, "MUMMY!", and 
jumped forward. throwing his knife at her leg. She screamed and whirled 
around.  "What the FUCK!", she said before realizing that it was her 
beloved son, and the knife was nothing more than rubber.  "For God's 
sake, quit playing around and pick up your room", she was obviously not 
happy, her heart had skipped a few beats and adrenaline filled her 
veins for a instant, leaving a tingly feeling.  It wasn't until now 
that she noticed that her finger was sliced and bleeding profoundly.  
Her blood drained from her face as it fell to the floor.  She could 
never stand the sight of blood, especially her own.  She saw Max 
smiling, and the floor, coming up to her face. 

She awoke in seconds, and Max was licking the blood off her hand, which
had began to clot.  It was bright red and all over his face, it was 
awful gruesome and reminded her of the movies that she and Mr. Ceeds 
had gone to see in their dating years.  She passed out again and when 
she awoke lights were flying past the dark background. She looked to 
her side and she saw a car seat. Her mind began to clear and realized 
what happened.  Also, her son's blood covered face popped into her 
head, smiling with the same gleam of the eye that was there when he 
came into this world seven quick years ago.  The flashback came as soon 
as it left and she then saw Max sitting in the front seat, staring back 
at her. A faint red stain stretched from ear to ear, like a evil 
clown's grin. He turned around and didn't look back again.  "Why on 
Earth did you let him sit up there, what if we get in a accident he 
could...", realizing that she was slurring, and mispronouncing words, 
she quieted herself.  She could faintly hear small whimpering sounds 
from Mr. Ceeds. She laid back as they drove into the emergency room. 

Bright lights (this time not moving) attempted to blind her as she
opened her eyes and saw that a stitch going from the tip of her index 
finger to the base of her thumb.  She had no idea that she got herself 
THAT good.  She also didn't realize that they would keep her overnight 
for a cut just on her finger.  Mr. Ceeds came to her side and sat down 
on the bed. He looked at her with the same loving eyes that he did when 
he proposed.  She smiled as did he. 

"Where is Max", She said, perfectly clear to her.  But in reality it was
jumbled gibberish.  His eyes slowly started to water. 

"Max wants to say hi", He said. She only smiled, knowing she would fuck
up another sentence if she tried to talk.  He popped out from under the 
covers and smiled his innocent smile. She wrapped her arms around him 
as he fell into her.  It felt good to hold her son, the image at bay, 
for now.  His head moved down to under her chin and kissed her on the 
neck.  She kissed the top of his head then he started chewing on her 
skin softly.  It was odd but she went with it, stroking his back.  The 
teeth sank into Mrs. Ceeds neck.  She felt the jugular just POP! and 
leak, drugged on meds she felt no more than a mild head ache.  She herd 
a horrible slurping sound as he drank from her life source.  She 
started to scream but was unable to.  She glanced over to Mr. Ceeds as 
if for help. but there was a small chunk of his neck missing too.  
Blood was darkening his red plaid shirt.  And he sat limp.  Horrified, 
she started pounding the + button for nurse help.  He started biting 

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