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Mistakes Of Me 1 (standard:non fiction, 517 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: JackieUpdated: Aug 18 2009Views/Reads: 2042/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about two mistakes I made

It was like any other sunday evening where I turned on the t.v to watch
Walt Disney's sunday night movie. Tonight's movie was Alice In 
Wonderland I sat in the armchair in my p j's that's when the fire alarm 
went off my first instinct was to run outside but I decided not to 
since there had been so many false alarms before. I grumbled to my mom 
and aunt "It's probably another false alarm" not wanting to miss my 

After about five minutes or so a frantic man appeared at the  back
balcony door yelling "Get out, there's a fire!" I looked at him and 
said "What?" and in a second he was gone my first thought was to get 
out of my p j's and put regular clothes on but since I had wasted so 
much time already I decided to get the heck out. 

I yelled to my mom and aunt "There's a fire!". Running down the balcony
steps I tried not to look at all the people with frantic looking faces, 
safe and sound outside the fire department had the fire out out within 
minutes but we were told we had to stay in a hotel. 

The next day I asked my mom if we could go swimming at the hotel's pool.
She replied "You don't know how to swim" thinking to myself there's 
nothing to it you just flap your arms and doggie paddle I said "Yes I 
do" so we went to the pool. I ran into a friend of mine from the 
building where the fire was as they put people up at the same hotel. 
She asked "Do you want to race to the end of the pool?". 

I don't remember who won but as my friend got out of the pool I watched
my mom talking to a friend of hers that's when I felt like something 
was jerking my leg pulling me under the water! Squirming to keep my 
head above water I tried to yell for help but each time I would gulp 
some water down my throat only managing a muffled "elp!" sound. 

Losing strength I felt my body sinking to the bottom of the pool with a
light weight feeling coming over me my once clear view of my mom now 
blurred thru water. Then out of no where someone pulled my head above 
water in a panic state of mind I started swinging frantically then 
someone said "I'm trying to save you, stay calm". Realizing it was my 
friend I let my body relax as she dragged me to the edge of the pool. 

Coughing up water regaining my composure back I looked at my mom and
said "I was yelling for help". She asked "Are you alright?". 

Still in shock and feeling a frog in my throat I started crying and
asked "Why didn't you save me?" my mom replied "I pushed your friend in 
and told her to save my baby!" Two lessons were learned that day #1 
Listen to fire alarms #2 Take swimming lessons thankfully not too late


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