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Pheonix (standard:poetry, 316 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Mar 11 2001Views/Reads: 2438/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
From the ashes, I arise.

From the ashes 

I am surrounded by a pile of ashes 

It's done, its over 

The past has gone. 

Nothing we do will bring it back. 

But the future is ours. 

The charred timbers of an old chair 

We will shape it how we choose 

We will shake off the shackles of past suffering 

We will watch ourselves, to prevent our mistakes 

The smell of sulfer can still be tasted in the air 

But we will not forget that they are our mistakes 

For we have the potential to create whatever we wish 

The ashes of a beloved childhood toy. 

We will not forget the pain and the sadness 

But we will not glorify them. 

Nor allow ourselves to be locked down by them. 

A page, from an elementary school english project. 

For we are free now 

We are whatever we choose to allow ourselves to be 

We will not forget this 

The loose peg of a bed, that I would toss in the air. 

We will love, we will hate 

We will learn, we will forget 

We will be 

The memory of a Christmas night 

And we will let those who are not go 

And we will shape those whom we choose to be 

The towel I used to use. 

The memories of the past wash over me. 

And I lay down the old hatreds.  The old pain. 

It was my closest friend, my only confidant once. 

I forget the past, and I move on. 

As I had to. 

That picture of me on top of the fireplace 

The one you had to send me back for-because I wasn't smiling. 

And my heart grows lighter, for the old pain fades more 

And it begins its long search, for something more. 

I don't know how or where I'll find it. 

But the journey begins here, In the ashes. 

And I thank you, for letting me begin.


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