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The minister (standard:Psychological fiction, 1424 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Sep 20 2008Views/Reads: 2031/1143Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

The Bodies of Christ flew like a flurry of snow as Donna suddenly pulled
Paolo to her deep, passionate kiss. The broken communion line gave out 
quelled shrieks, hallowed curses and elaborate murmurs – all imploring 
hell's wrath instead of heaven's mercy. Paolo let go of the ciborium – 
it clanked loudly on the marble floor – as he gave in to the ravenous 
lips and searching tongue of Donna. 

More than six months ago, Donna Naldoza went home to Laoag for the

She wanted to have a long break before she gears up for her senior
thesis at the Philosophy Department in UP Diliman. As she had planned, 
her vacation went soothingly smooth and light – until she saw Paolo at 
the Saint William's Cathedral. 

Paolo Guevarra was a math professor, but he took time to serve in the
holy mass every afternoon. He was pushing forty, yet his penetrating 
dark brown eyes and toothy smile preserved his boyish handsomeness – 
amplified by his white and neatly-pressed lay minister's garb. 

“Body of Christ,” Paolo whispered as he offered the host to Donna. She
was astounded, speechless, and her eyes were locked on the minister's 

“Body of Christ,” he smilingly repeated. Donna suddenly regained herself
and answered, “A – Amen!” Embarrassed, she hastily took the communion 
by the hand then left the line. 

Donna hurriedly went to the farthest kneeler. But even before she fell
down to her knees, she had already fallen madly in love to a servant of 
God. She cried – silently, painfully – up to the final blessing. 

After the mass, Donna tensely waited for Paolo at the pathway to the lay
ministers' nook. She did not really know why she was doing this, but 
her heart kept pressing and pushing her; her reason was badly torn and 

Her pulse quickened when she saw him approached the gate. 

“Oh thanks God, he is alone. But, but....What now?....God, oh God, here
he is now!....What now, Lord?” she muttered as she unknowingly bit her 

Paolo beamed at her, “Oh, hello miss beautiful! Thank you for attending
the mass this afternoon. May I know your name, please? I'm Paolo, Paolo 
Guevarra, at your service.” He offered a handshake. 

“I'm Donna, Sir....Donna Naldoza,” she tremblingly accepted his hand.
“Sir, I'm...I'm very sorry for the confusion I created during the 
communion. I'm very sorry, really – ” 

“Oh, don't worry about that,” Paolo softly said. “You did not cause any
problem at all. Actually, it's a blessing that you have time for the 

“Look, Sir.....I still want to make up....can I....can I invite you for
a late afternoon snack, please?” Donna said. 

“Thank you very much, but you don't have to do that, my dear. It was
really my mission to serve in the mass,” Paolo explained. 

“Sir, please, please, please...” Donna insisted with her hands tightly

“Okay, okay,” Paolo laughingly said. “But with two conditions: it's my
treat and don't call me Sir, just Paolo.” 

Donna felt more than heaven when they entered the nearest Chinese
restaurant – they looked like a father-daughter team, but she really 
wished for a different impression. 

They enjoyed their congee as they exchanged notes. 

She is a university scholar at UP. She plans to dissect theocracy in her
thesis. She wants to take up law after philosophy, and top the bar. She 

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