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Tale of tales (standard:fairy tales, 577 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Oct 13 2008Views/Reads: 2145/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about nothing

Once upon a time, five young tales were discussing what they want to be
when they grow up. 

Harry, the youngest of them, jumped into the center and waved a wand. 

“Expelliarmus!” he screamed. “I will become a story of the greatest and
the most powerful wizard of all times – the protector of both human and 
magical worlds against the dark arts.” 

Clark, the tallest in the group, pushed Harry aside then flexed his

“Weakling!” Clark scoffed. “Look at me! I will become the saga of the
man of steel – the most powerful superhero in all galaxies. My pages 
will smash all super villains and put order in this chaotic world!” 

Romeo, the suave tale, combed his hair for the jillionth time as he
gently snickered at Harry and Clark. 

“Oh, you are both hopeless!” he said. “What can those horrific screams
and bloody creams offer to men?” 

“If you ask me,” Romeo flashed a smile, “I will be the home of teenage
romance that will defy all generation gaps and family feuds. My sheets 
will sweeten even the most star-crossed affairs.” 

Aris, the bespectacled tale, groaned aloud. “You make me puke! You are
all childish – and that's to the superlative degree!” 

“Only worthy philosophies, yes, only the great wisdoms will taste my
pages,” Aris declared. “I will be the cradle of true knowledge and 
ideals – and not those drivels that you ignorantly desire.  ” 

“What!!!” Harry, Clark and Romeo chorused as they poised to hit Aris. 

“Wait, wait, wait!” Aris threw his hands up. “I'm only speaking my mind.
Instead of satisfying violence, let's just listen to Manny!... Hey, 
Manny!... What story do you want to be when you grow up?” 

Manny, a tightlipped tale, merely shrugged and smiled. 

“Is it about magic?” asked Harry. “No,” Manny answered. 

“Is it about superpowers?”  Clark inquired. 

“No,” Manny smiled. 

“Is it about hugs and kisses in the balcony?” Romeo whispered. 

“No,” Manny almost laughed. 

“Ah! I knew I have a comrade in you, Manny!” Aris cried in delight. “You
also wish to become the foundation of the city-state!” 

“No,” Manny politely answered. 

“Then what will your story be?” the other tales roared in unison. 

Manny fidgeted. “Nothing. My story will be about nothing.” 

His fellow tales raised their brows in confusion. They searched the face
of Manny for traces of indifference, indecision or even insanity. 

“I hate to admit it, but we can't understand you, Manny,” Aris finally
said. “Please give us more details, my friend.” 

Manny sighed. “Uhm....Well, I believe that the world is now falling.
Falling because all beings are getting heavier and heavier everyday. We 
are getting heavier due to our countless powers, gifts, strengths, 
talents, intelligence, wealth and personal pride. Uhm.....I think the 
only way we can save the world from falling is to unload ourselves from 
ourselves....Or – to aim to be nothing.” 

He sheepishly giggled. “Uhm...Funny? Well, I can't blame you. But every
night a glowing man visits me in my dream. He keeps on reminding me 
that I should become a story about nothing. He also said that my key 
character will be a boy – born in a manger in a cold winter night. I 
think... I think I should name the boy, Jesus. Cute name, isn't it? 
What do you think?” 

Harry, Clark, Romeo and Aris looked at each other before they gave out
insulting sniggers. 

But Manny just smiled at their rudeness. He felt nothing – a fresh and
redeeming nothingness. 


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