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Isabelle's Story (standard:other, 2056 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Nov 25 2008Views/Reads: 1627/1091Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A sample chapter of my story "Rose Cottage" ...I hope you like it. Feedback welcome

A sample chapter of my story Rose Cottage. 

Isabelle's Story: 

The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 

Boston, Massachusetts 

December 22, 1918 

My name is Isabelle Boucher.  I  am nine years old.  I used to like
living here in Boston, going to the harbor and watching the ships 
arrive and leave Boston Harbor.  It is so exciting to watch the ocean 
waves crash on the rocks below and hear the news of the Great War 
overseas.  My Papa is over there.   I pray this war ends soon.  So do 
many people around here.  Lots of folks call us Yankees, and I don't 
understand why.  I am just nine  years old, but I can read and write.  
Papa used to sit me on his lap and we would sing songs together.  That 
would always make me smile. 

Papa has signed up to fight the Germans in the Great War and Mama cries
in her room.  I hear her sometimes at night.  She tries to be brave for 
my little brother Pierre, but I know she cannot always be so strong.  
Today we had to bring her to the hospital because she is ill with a 
strange disease.  I hope the doctors can help her become well once 
again.  Mama is having trouble breathing and she is starting to turn 
blue in the face.  Her face feels hot to the touch and she is coughing 
up blood.  We have to do something quickly or I fear the worst! 

I only have Pierre here to help me put Mama in the carriage.  He is only
five years old and very frightened.  He stays very close to me as I 
drive the carriage to Boston General Hospital, I know the way.  The 
roads are bumpy and I hope we make it there without jolting Mama too 
much.  I see a long line of sailors standing in line by the entrance of 
the hospital as we arrive.  I have never seen so many sailors before!  
Why are they all here? 

Pierre grips my hand very tightly as we enter the waiting room area.  I
find a few chairs in the corner and sit Mama down in one of them.  
After a while, a nurse soon walks over to take Mama to a strange 
curtained room to 

be examined by a doctor.  I kept Pierre by me always.  He didn't say
much of anything.  I took out some of his favorite toys to play with 
while waiting, but he just stared at them blankly. 

A nurse with a strange mask on her face came over to us  and gave a 

mask to Pierre and myself. 

It is dangerous to be in a crowded room with so many sick people.  Put
the mask on to be safe, okay children?  , the nurse said as she tied 
the mask on Pierre's tiny face. 

Pierre said nothing, just looked at the nurse with frightened eyes. 

About two hours later, we were allowed to go in the room to visit Mama. 
She was very blue in the face and was still coughing up blood. 

Mama held my hand. 

Be brave, Isabelle.  , she whispered. 

Mama  looked me in the eye and motioned me to get close enough to hear
her whispers: 

Do not worry about me.  There is nothing you can do.  I feel I may have
the influenza I have been hearing so much about. 

Mama pointed to her coat in the corner of the hospital room. 

I want you to look inside my coat pocket, Isabelle. I brought some
money.  You have to be very brave.  I want you to buy a ticket for you 
and Pierre on the Boston and Maine train to Portland, Maine.  I have 
already written to your Aunt Claire.  Do you remember the time long ago 

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