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Timber and the Creature (standard:Fan Fiction, 2158 words)
Author: SlappyAdded: Dec 18 2008Views/Reads: 1868/1182Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Timber Alexandria is a boy that had survived a plane crash and is living with a tiger called Tracks. Beside his hut there was a pool and he decided to dive in. Will he or will not get out of it...?

Young Timber Alexandra lived in a hut beside a large pool where the
water is always clean. He was on his way to a holiday in England but 
his plane went down and crashed. He was the only one that survived and 
he hoped that help would be on its way. His pet, Tracks was a tiger. He 
used his skills and soon he made his nickname Tiger boy. Timber was 
only twelve years old and he had fair brown hair. His fair skin was now 
sun burnt and now it was a bit brown. Every morning and night Tracks 
would always be with him. This made him easier to catch food to eat. 
His life was as smooth as a fruit's bottom. Everyday laughter would be 
heard from his little hut and the sizzling of food in the evening. A 
few natives had attacked him, and whenever happens, Tracks would always 
come and shoo them away. They were the best of friends. The only thing 
that made him feel mysterious and curious was the clear mirror-like 
pool. It was dark blue and it should be very deep. Never in his life 
had he seen a pool as such. He continued days with Tracks, but still 
the mysterious pool held in his head. What was in the pool? Why was it 
so clear? Why does it sparkle and shine so much? Lots of questions kept 
on buzzing in his head. One day, after so many questions in his head, 
he decided to dive down into the pool. He petted Tracks before he 
explored the pool. “Wish me luck, Tracks,” said Timber to his tiger, 
hugging him. From the day he met Tracks, he was fearless. Tracks gave 
him a bit wet lick on his cheek in reply and began to swing its tail 
patiently. Its green fiery eyes looked at him, like the pair meant 
something. It meant good luck. Timber jumped into the pool, splashing 
water on Tracks. He gave a loud meow. He looked around for his master, 
but he was gone, in the pool. 

In the pool, deep below the surface, the walls of soil were now clear
walls, like glass. They have curved spots where he saw a few ornaments, 
planted in different spots on the walls. As he dived deeper, the 
ornaments intensified. The walls sparkled and shone. Suddenly he 
stopped. He can't stay long anymore. He struggled in the deep pool, and 
swam to the surface as fast as he could. He felt his lungs shrinking. 
His muscles were tearing. He had no more energy. His throat tightened. 
The more he struggled the more he couldn't move. He wished that he was 
back at home safely in Australia. Timber stopped struggling, closed his 
eyes and waited. 

At the surface of the pool, Tracks was waiting. Tracks was circling the
pool, its tail swinging behind it impatiently. It put its paws into the 
water, thrashing its paws keenly. He couldn't wait anymore! He gave a 
low growl, waiting for his master to appear. But he wasn't there. 
Tracks started to hop and circle the pool with irritation. All of a 
sudden- -There was a huge splash and Timber was flung out of pool. He 
landed loudly on the muddy ground and Tracks padded towards him, 
licking his face. “Arrrrrghh...,” moaned Timber. He sat up and squeezed 
great showers of liquid from his clothes. His tiger pawed around with 
delight, happy to see his master sitting before him. “I thought I was 
dead!” he demanded loudly, rising up. Tracks stopped whatever he was 
doing and sat down silently on the black, dead grass. He looked down on 
his paws. Timber went to the edge of the pool. “What the heck is 
there?” he questioned himself, peering hard in the pool and making sure 
he doesn't topple in. “What threw me up here?” he questioned himself 
softly in his mind. “What was that?” Timber had tried a few times 
diving into the mystifying pool. He got flung out a few times but he 
never understood them. If only he had a chance to just see what flung 
him out and who the ornaments belonged to... He decided to make one 
last try. On the day, he hugged Tracks tightly and then he gave him a 
big, wet lick in reply. He meowed and made sad noises. “It's OK,” cooed 
Timber, petting Tracks, “I'll promise that I'll come back, OK?” Timber 
smiled and petted Tracks. Tracks gave one last lick on his cheek and 
then, Timber dipped into the pool and disappeared. 

He went deep below the mirror-like surface of the pool and looked
around. He was used to this place already, but all he wanted to see is 
what that flung him out of the pool. Timber dived deeper into the blue 
pool. Never had he seen a pool as deep as this one. Maybe it wasn't 
even a pool. Maybe it was a small surface on the top, but below is a 
wide opened space of water and corals and sea creatures... Maybe. 
Trying his best to dive deeper, he spotted a black spot that seemed to 
increase in size as he got deeper and closer to it. Still, he felt his 
lungs shrinking but he tried to get closer. He should see what it was! 
When he got there, he was near to dying. But as he took a closer look, 
it was a door made of moss, algae and corals. There was a gold knob at 
the right side of the door. Timber turned the knob and swam in. He was 

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