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A Lost Love (standard:romance, 14389 words)
Author: ChantellAdded: Dec 26 2008Views/Reads: 1994/1199Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
3/4 of this is true. The parts that are not true are the parts that I add to make it less obvious that it's a true story, and the 2 intimate scenes.

Chapter One: 

“Rosabella, I have made my choice,” Cecilius said. “Really, and who did
you choose,” Rosabella asked eagerly hoping that he had chosen her, but 
fear was at the pit of her stomach telling her that he had chosen the 
girl over her. “I have chosen her. I am truly sorry, Rosabella,” he 
said. Rosabella just stared at him trying to understand his words and 
crying at the same time. “Just know that I still love you, Rosabella, 
and I always will,” he said kissing her cheek and hugging her. New 
tears were in Rosabella's eyes and fiercely streaming down her face. 
She pushed him away, and ran. She did not know where she was running or 
if she would ever see him again. “Please, Rosabella, wait, come back, 
don't run,” he called after her. Rosabella ran quicker, faster then she 
had ever run before. She did not look back, nor did she stop until she 
came to a familiar place. Waterfall Creek, Cecilius had called it. He 
said, “‘Tis a beautiful place, isn't it?” “Yes,” Rosabella had agreed, 
looking around. He had taken her there quite a few times before. 
Rosabella sat against a tree, her tears coming quickly. She couldn't 
stand the thought that he had chosen her, it hurt too much. Rosabella 
didn't even know who she was. She couldn't talk to him, or see his 
face, and when he had hugged her and kissed her cheek, she knew that it 
would be the last time he touched her, or spoke to her. “He does not 
love me. Not one bit. He never did,” Rosabella murmured to herself. She 
heard a rustling of the leaves and turned to see what it was, noticing 
it was Cecilius, Rosabella tried to ignore him. “Please Rosa; don't 
ignore me I can't bear it,” he said. “What else am I to do,” she 
grumbled. “Talk to me, that's what,” he answered with a stern look. 
Rosabella looked at his eyes, tears running down her face so quickly 
she could barely see. He stared back, glancing around him for a moment. 
“I thought you would be here,” he said with a half smile appearing on 
his face. “Do you remember the first time I brought you here, 
Rosabella?” he asked. She nodded only staring at his beautiful face. He 
looked back at her, their eyes meeting once again. Rosabella's breath 
came to a sudden halt; she didn't know what to do. He reached to touch 
her face. His fingers tracing from her forehead to her jaw, his touch 
was the loveliest thing, so soft so tender. As Rosabella thought, why 
did he have to torture me so? She closed her eyes, memorizing his 
touch, fearing it would be the last time she felt it. Rosabella's 
breath started again a slow, shallow, deep breathing. He stopped 
tracing her face, his hand frozen in place. She opened her eyes to see 
his beautiful eyes staring at her. He leaned closer to kiss her. She 
wanted to pull away so badly, She was much too sad and did not want to 
be hurt yet again. It was too late, he kissed her. His lips full and 
soft on her own; he grabbed each side of Rosabella's face with his 
hands, locking her in place. His touch, so tender and soft, she was 
unable to stop her instincts as she wrapped her arms around his neck 
and kissed him back. She leaned towards him, her eyes closed, the kiss 
seemed to last forever, and she hoped it would never end. The soft 
caress of his lips was magnificent, the tender feeling of his hands on 
her face. Finally our lips parted; his hands still locking her in place 
she slowly opened her eyes to find him staring at me. Rosabella stared 
back at his eyes; what have I done! She thought “I-I have to go,” 
Rosabella said trying to stand up. “No, please, don't go,” he said 
pulling her back to him as he stood up. She froze in place staring at 
him; looking back and forth at his eyes. She had to get away. “I'm 
sorry,” Rosabella said as she pulled away. His grip on her wrist 
tightened holding her back. She didn't know what to do. “Let go of me!” 
She snapped at him. He stared at her; Rosabella jerked her hand away 
making him let go, and ran once again. She looked back to see his blank 
face staring at her as she ran away from him. 

Cecilius stood there as her image slowly turned into little dot in the
distance. I should probably let her be for now; I don't want to make it 
worse, he thought to himself. He needed time to rethink some stuff as 
well, and decided to go home for now and try talking to her once more 
tomorrow. As Cecilius drove home, his mind filled with thoughts about 
himself, about Rosabella, about everything, time flew by like it was 
nothing; in a blink of an eye, as it felt, he was parking his car in 
front of his house. Cecilius put the key into the lock, took a deep 
breath and locked the doors of his car. The moment he stepped inside 
the house, the well known scent came across his nose; sweet, stunning, 
and lovely scent... Indeed her scent was still present in the house. It 
never went least he didn't want it to go away. Cecilius 
closed the doors, turned the lights on; hesitated for a moment then 
took off his coat. I really need a drink, he thought as he went to the 

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