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Hercule Poirot and the Case of Girls Gone Wild (standard:humor, 964 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jan 07 2009Views/Reads: 1797/943Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Poirot goes a little on the wild side when he happens on a strange and sexy site...he is on the case!

“Sacre bleu!” 

“Blasted computer!” 

Hercule Poirot throws his arms up in the air as he looks at the wild
screen images. This isn't the site he typed in! 

“What is this , “Girls gone wild? I was looking for clues to solve my
case, but since I am here, I must find out why they went wild!!!” 

I am on the case! 

“What kind of wierd water dance is she doing with that T-shirt?”, his
eyes focus intently on the dancing images. A silly grin blooms on his 
lips and he catches a glimpse of his facial expression in the mirror 
across the room and blushes. 

“What kind of place is this anyway? It isn't anywhere around here? It
looks warm and sunny!” 

“Miss Lemon? What is wrong with my computer? Come look at this! I wanted
to find the site for the case and this “popped” up instead!” 

Miss Lemon takes a look at the screen and gasps. 

“Oh my! You probably typed in the wrong website. Just click out of it.
See at the top there is an “x”. Click on it, Monsieur  Poirot.”, she 
says as she points to the computer screen. 

He tries to click on the “x” but instead of closing the window one
hundred more “dancing screen images” of Girls Gone Wild and out of 
nowhere came this strange rhythmic beat while the icons  popped up on 
the screen one after another like a line of dancing girls. 

"What is that strange music? MIss Lemon!! This is like some wierd dream.
Wake me up!" 

"Calm down. Monsieur Poirot. Nice beat, huh?", Miss Lemon snaps her

Poirot is ready to pull what little hair he has out of his head! 

“Miss Lemon, call the repairman, immediately! There is something wrong
with my computer. I don't know why the naked woman wants to do the 
naked dance all over my window and, I, Hercule Poirot, will find out 
why the Girls Went Wild... 

Miss. Lemon calls the repairman and the icons continue to “dance”around
on Poirot's computer screen. He looks intently at each one and after a 
while he starts counting them. And his eyes are fixed on the screen and 
he starts humming a silly tune... 

A knock on the door... 

Miss Lemon brings in the repairman and he takes one look at the screen
and smiles... 

“You call this a problem? Wow! Girls Gone Wild? I have all the videos!” 

“Sir, we pay you to fix, Monsieur Poirot's computer not drool over some
naked babes...Can you fix it or not?” 

The repairman just stares at the screen with a funny smile on his

“What did you say? Oh, yeah. I can fix it. But sure would make a nice
screen saver...What you say, Poirot? Sure beats your bird watchers 
screensaver, doesn't it?” 

“I don't think so...that, I, Hercule Poirot, would have this “Girls Gone
Wild “ dancing all over my screen...while my “little grey cells 
wouldnever solve any cases...And I am the famous, detective, no? You 
must know who I am?” 

“Well, no. Your all dressed up with shiny shoes and moustache. 

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