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Scribblings of a Gigolo--Postcards from Paris (standard:other, 1378 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jan 08 2009Views/Reads: 1879/947Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A play about a man and a woman enjoying a little conversation over coffee and cigarettes at Le Fouquet's one lovely summer afternoon...





RENE: a charming, sophisticated Parisienne,  who frequents Le Fouquet's,
and enjoys watching people go by. He is wealthy, and loves to look at 
the mirror alot, and enjoys all the good things life 

has to's all good! 

GABY: A young innocent, raven haired,  Parisienne woman who only lives
only a few blocks from Rene, but the two never met. They lived parallel 
lives went to different schools, but met quite by chance one afternoon 
at Le Fouquet's. 



LE FOUQUET'S ~~~~The premier cafe on the Champs-Elysées sits behind a
barricade of potted flowers at the edge of the sidewalk. You can choose 
a table in the sunshine or retreat to the glassed-in elegance of the 
leather banquettes and rattan furniture of the grillroom. Though this 
is a full-fledged restaurant, with a formal dining room on the second 
floor, most visitors come by for a glass of wine, coffee or just to sit 
and watch the world go by.... 


Scene One 

Rene is seated alone on the sidewalk cafe at Le Fouquet's on this
gorgeous, sunny July afternoon. He is deep in thought, writing 

a post card to his cousin in Quebec. He grips the pen tightly and pauses
a few minutes in deep thought. He turns the post card around several 
times, admiring it, and smiling widely. 

Opening up his cigarette case, he takes out a cigarette and lights it
up. The remnants of half a pack lay in the ash tray in the middle of 
the table. Three cups of espresso, later. Rene still is not finished 
writing to his cousin. 

The waiter stands in front of Rene's table. 

Waiter: Sir, is everything alright? Would you like to order some food? 

Rene: No! I am working! Go away! 

Waiter: This is a restaurant, not a library! Order or you go! 

Rene: I will stay as long as I want! I am the one paying! 

Waiter: Pfff !! (rolling his eyes) 

Rene: Well, I need to be alone! (waving the waiter away) 

A gorgeous woman with long red hair and green eyes walks by. 

Rene: Hello there! How are you? 

The woman completely ignores him... 

The only reminder is her sweet scent... 

Rene breathes it in ...sighing... 

Rene: (oh turn around gorgeous! just turn around and come back...) 

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