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Halo Forerunner (standard:Fan Fiction, 8064 words)
Author: austinp1993Added: Jan 08 2009Views/Reads: 1552/956Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Events that follow Halo 3.

Halo 4 Forerunner Events following Halo 3 

Chapter One May 3, 2553; 0900 hrs Unknown position Rear portion of UNSC
Vessel Forward Unto Dawn Drifting though space 

Spartan John 117, Master Chief, woke to Cortana's alarm stricken voice
booming through the speakers in his MJOLNIR armor.  
“ need to take a look at this!”   Chief pulled 
himself up out of his cryo tube and went to the opening of the cargo 
bay where he was awarded with a site almost as alarming as when he 
first meet with the flood on the first halo ring.  Surrounding the 
“Forward Unto Dawn”, A UNSC Frigate, were 30 plus ships, not human nor 
covenant.  He ran back to the holo panel where Cortana's purple 
holographic image was displayed.  “Who are they?” he asked.  “Who are 
they?  He impatiently screamed at Cortana.  “I don't know.” She 
replied.  “I don't know but they don't appear to be hostile though.”  
“For the moment they have stopped scanning the ship too.”  “Wait, hold 
on, new contact”  “boarding craft, there heading right for us.”  
Cortana warned.  “I'd suggest you go and get your assault rifle 
re.....”  She started to advise but the Master Chief had already a 
picked his rifle up.  He was already standing in the opening of the 
cargo bay when the ship shook.  “You better get ready to show them 
who's in charge.”  Cortana said. 

John dropped the clip out of his MA5B assault rifle to visually insure
he had a full clip.  He didn't like to rely only on his HUD's ammo 
counter when he didn't have to.  “It was always best to be check 
visually”, CPO Mendez had once told him and his fellow Spartans when 
they were training years back, “equipment breaks, eyes don't.  
Satisfied that it was full he moved into the hallway next to the cargo 
bay.  The unknown troops had to enter though there if they were to get 
to the cargo bay.  A series of dull thuds then echoed though the 
interior of the ship.  “The boarders have cut though two doors and are 
heading for the last one before they are in your hall.”  Remarked 
Cortana.  “Thirty seconds............twenty..........ten..........NOW!  
Chief shouldered his rifle and waited for the contacts to move in.  As 
soon as the first creature entered the room he ran up to it and grabbed 
it to use as a shield.  Then he noticed something.....something 
strange.  The 20 armor suited aliens sat down their weapons.  “What are 
they doing?” he asked Cortana.  “It appears they are trying to show 
that they come in peace and mean no harm.”  She replied.  “Try easing 
your grip and see what they do.”  Master Chief eased his grip on the 
alien and it slowly walked back toward the others.  The aliens then 
exchanged some words between each other before turning to the chief and 
motioning for him to follow them.  He started to follow when he 
Cortana's voice came on in his helmet.  “You forget someone.”   She 
said sarcastically.  “You know I wouldn't do that.”  He replied.  
Motioning for the aliens to stop and wait he went back to retrieve 
Cortana.  He placed his hand on the holo pad and felt a well known 
cooling sensation flow into his mind.  “Still spacey in here.”  
Remarked Cortana but the Chief ignored the comment and left the cargo 
bay to catch up with the aliens.  They were waiting right where he left 
them.  From there he followed them through two more doors and into a 
large round boarding craft with thirty seats and instruction signs 
written in.......ENGLISH! 

Chapter Two May 3, 2553; 0900hrs. Alpha Phoenix star system Aboard an
AB7F8 boarding craft Moving toward Forward Unto Dawn 

General Zahaw Hazzie looked around the large round boarding craft at his
fellow comrades.  They were in route to a highly damaged alien ship 
drifting toward their planet.  His only intel was that their ships 
scanners only picked up one contact inside.  There was no way of 
knowing what was going to happen.  They had no idea if the contact a 
hostile or not, but they had orders directly for the President of 
Aerobe, the largest and most powerful nation on their home planet of 
Persephone, not to fire no matter what.  If the contact fired upon them 
they were to retreat back to the Cruiser, “Haleakala”, where the 
captain would decide whether to fire on the ship or tow it to the 
surface and deal with the threat later.  If the contact was friendly 
they were to bring him back to the “Haleakala” where they would try to 
communicate with it.  “Ten seconds to impact.”  Said the boarding 
crafts pilot, “Brace!”  The craft collided with the ship with a 
satisfying thud, indicating that the craft was locked on.  The cutting 
crew then got to work cutting though the hull of the ship.  “One 

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