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The Labors of Miss Lemon (standard:poetry, 709 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jan 10 2009Views/Reads: 1610/942Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Who really is the brains behind all those cases Poirot wins? Miss Lemon wants a raise!

The Labors of Hercule..ha ha I say! 

More like the sweat of Miss Lemon 

For all that I do for Poirot every day! 

And with a sweep of my pen 

I have more power. I know what is what! 

And I say what's when! 

Poirot takes all the glory 

But that is another story! 

And I type all the papers 

He takes all the bows 

And I solve all those capers! 

He gets all the "wows"! 

And just think he's smart? 

That's a laugh I say 

Poirot is a stumphead 

I will prove it with ease 

He couldn't run this office 

To me it's a breeze! 

For the Labors of Miss Lemon 

Are labors in vain! 

Everything must be perfection 

To this detective's reflection 

The clues I do trace 

So Poirot wins the case 

But do I get the credit? 

The Labors of Miss Lemon 


I did it!! 

So who gets the praise? 


Poirot points to more papers 

I must type up myself! 


The Labors of Miss Lemon 

Running the office 

Tick tock 

It runs most efficiently 

Almost like a clock 

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