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'Gabriel' (standard:Inspirational stories, 1100 words)
Author: misty greyAdded: Jan 13 2009Views/Reads: 1641/924Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
'Gabriel' is a short story about an angel who helps a young girl in need. [fiction].


London, March 2008 

It was 4 a.m.; Amy Charters was tossing and turning in her sleep, her
blonde hair was clinging to her face, wet with perspiration.  She was 
having a terrible nightmare. The same dream that she'd been having 
frequently, since her parents died in that awful plane crash just two 
months ago........... 

The sky was pitch black. The storm was raging.
Crack...crack...crack...the lightning lit up the sky like daylight. The 
plane rocked violently in the strong turbulent winds.  Lightning struck 
the aircraft three times. The lights went out in the cockpit. 

The passengers on the plane screamed, as the plane dived down towards
the ground below............. Amy woke up screaming. 

Aunt Rose quickly put down her cup of tea, and ran upstairs to see Amy. 
Aunt Rose now had full responsibility of caring for Amy, her niece. ‘Oh 
Amy, not again,' said Aunt Rose as she cuddled her, reassuring her in 
her slender, long arms. ‘I bet you're having nightmares again. Oh, how 
I wish they would stop; you poor dear.' 

Amy snuggled into her aunt's arms; tears were streaming down her pale
face. Aunt Rose looked into Amy's tired blue eyes with concern. ‘Are 
you o.k. sweetheart?' Amy just looked up at her aunt and kept crying, 
not saying a word. ‘Oh, how I wish you would talk to me Amy. You 
haven't spoken a word since the plane crash. You must miss your parents 
dearly. I miss them too. I will keep praying for you Amy, I promise.' 
Amy just stayed in her Aunt's arms until she drifted off to sleep 

Aunt Rose straightened the angel picture that was hanging above Amy's
bed. Amy had a fascination with angels throughout her childhood. When 
Amy was a little girl she   would play dress-ups, and wear a pretty 
angel costume. The costume was white, with white wings, and a halo that 
Susan, her mum, had made for her out of silver tinsel. Amy liked her 
costume so much she even wore it to church sometimes. 

At night, before bed, Susan would read stories to Amy. Of course they
were angel stories! One Christmas, the kindergarten had a `Pantomime`. 
Amy played the part of a little Angel. She loved it! 

Aunt Rose sighed and looked down at her beautiful niece, now sleeping
peacefully. ‘My how you've grown into a pretty young lady. Don't worry 
my precious, I will keep praying for you.' 

Gabriel, the messenger angel, stretched his wings and took some time out
to relax. He just had a very busy week and was exhausted. Gabriel 
stared up at the sky. He saw hundreds of white, fluffy, pillowy clouds. 
The sky was the colour of gold and golden streams of light were beaming 
through the clouds. 

This place had a feeling of complete peace; this place is called
‘Heaven'. Angels live here, they live amongst the clouds. They have 
halos above their beautiful faces, and the angels have wings. 

Gabriel had fallen asleep, when suddenly his golden halo started to
flash on and off, making a strange beeping sound. The noise woke him 
from his peaceful slumber. ‘Humph', Gabriel stirred. ‘Oh not again, 
can't an angel get any sleep around here!' Gabriel touched his halo and 
focused in on the message he was receiving. ‘Oh no, it's coming from 
that lady again, she's been praying to me for a long time now. 
Something's wrong, I'd better investigate.' 

He held out his hands, with palms opened. He closed his eyes in
concentration. A golden beam of light from one of the clouds above came 
down towards him. The beam formed into a circular tunnel shape that 
pointed downwards. Gabriel stretched his wings ready for flight. He 
dived head down into the tunnel of light, and zoomed down towards earth 
at an alarmingly fast speed. 

Amy stirred in her bed. There was a sweet pleasant aroma surrounding her
bedroom. She opened her eyes. She couldn't believe what she saw. Amy 

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