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VAMPIRE (standard:fantasy, 2239 words)
Author: WalkerAdded: Jan 14 2009Views/Reads: 1998/1210Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Vampire is not a complete change from the usual romantic characters, but it is somehow a different route to love. And the inspiration to this fantasy is the resplendent and enticing 'SURBHI CHAHAR'. I love you Surbhi...

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“We will reunite Von ...,” and as the sun rises, she falls with me, ash
to ash into the dust, leaving behind the only manifest of our 
co-existence: the metal ring which drowns into the ashes. 

Part II- Romania 

“Is she really that beautiful? I have also heard of the pleasant
fragrances which environ her. Come on, delineate her for me.” 

“Her true beauty in not in her face; it is a light in her heart. Her
beauty is a total creation. Every touch of her superb soul is a 
connoisseur's delight offering a rare and exquisite taste with a 
distinctive flavor. Blended to perfection, her body is born of quality 
malts produced by the touch of choicest fragrances for unmatched 
smoothness. Her beauty is a little surprised and it is this emotion 
that best suits her face filled with grace and good rhythm and 

“Is she... I now have to see to believe. Where will I find her?” 

“You will have to travel far south for 3 days. She lives in the village
at the foothills of the great White Mountains. But the journey is too 
dangerous to make alone. Shall I come along Victor?” 

“I will go the distance and no, you stay here and take care of my

I start off, “Hey, what's her name?” 


It was not a simple journey I had undertaken. Cruel winter had chilled
the bud. In this whole vast dome of living nature, there reigned an 
open violence, a kind of prescriptive fury which armed all the 
creatures to their common goal: as soon as you find an alien in this 
inanimate kingdom you kill to feed, to survive. I could feel the fear 
settling on my skin. I kept telling myself that I can brave every 
obstacle, I can go the distance and the more I recalled Suri, a voice 
kept saying that with her I am meant to be. 

I kept riding for three days and finally when the fourth morning sun
rose I could hear the merry chirping of birds, laughing of the river 
and glistening green grass told me I was very near the moment of 
merging with the fragrance. Through the wandering road I kept moving 
and then my senses turned to a humming sound. I got off my horse, took 
it by the reins and moved slowly towards the music. And there 
underneath a cascade I viewed the beauty so perfectly conjugated by the 
good lord. I was completely captured and not even for a second my eyes 
blinked and like a hypnotized person I started walking towards her. I 
could feel each and every thing told about her. It was true. 

She sensed my arrival and turned to me, “Who are you young man?” 

“I am Victor. I come from the land of the Seven Cascades. Suri I...” 

“And how do you know my name?” 

“Every mortal who knows of beauty and fragrance knows of you Suri.” 

Her laughter echoes throughout the forest and the pleasantness once
again touches me deep. 

“Suri I have traveled far to see you and now I feel compelled to ask you
to marry me.” 

“Victor, no doubt you are brave and a fine looking young man, but I have
a wish. I have heard of a pure metallic ring which is guarded by wild 
and untamable creatures in a cave dwelling in the great White 
Mountains. The ring is a true symbol of love and my heart yearns for 
it. If you could get it for me I swear my soul will forever serve you 
to the fullest and love you to the core.” 

“Suri I promise to get what you desire and it may take a lifetime but
somehow I'll see it through. And I won't look back, and I'll stay on 
track. No I won't accept defeat even though it's an uphill slope. I 
will not lose hope till I go the distance and my journey is complete.” 

“But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part, for a hero's strength
is measured by his heart. I'll wait for you Victor.” 

It's after two days, close to midnight when I finally arrive at the
terminus. Everything is unnatural like an evil lurking in the dark. 
Under the moonlight the sights almost stop my heart; feels as if horror 
is looking me right in the eyes. And I don't even know where from the 
beasts will strike. As I walk past the entrance to embrace my fate, I 
hear the door slam. I keep moving but all the while I hear the 
creatures creeping up behind. I know time is of the essence and I 
hasten because I know I don't stand a chance against forty eyes. Night 
creatures' call but I keep going and all along the shadows follow. I 
know I've walked into an ambush but now there's no turning back. I pull 
out my sword and the attack begins. The demons close in on every side 
with there jaws wide open.  I fight with all my skill and speed and the 
cave is full of howls and screams as my blade moves in every direction; 
slicing, dicing and chopping off whatever comes in the way. The foulest 
stench is in the air and though I fight to stay alive my body starts to 
shiver. The smell of blood had started churning out an animal in me. I 
could feel a new strength within me. Fighting and slaying I start 
moving ahead. The creatures keep tailing but the numbers start running 
out and as the sounds diminish I know I am close to victory and finally 
I slash out my blade for one last time. As I move on I feel the 
pleasant sensation of cool wind on my skin. I realize I am near my goal 
and also that the cave has another exit. 

Suddenly a clap of thunder breaks the silence and a voice bursts out,
“Young man, the ring which you wish to acquire is cursed and you must 
know the truth before you take it. You are not Victor, but Von 
reincarnated and Suri is Sugar. You were to be together in the 15th 
century and now in the 17th century also your fate is yet to be carved. 
This ring you had presented to Sugar then was the cause of your death 
and now the presence of an inmate you feel within is due to the vampire 
you were. This strength and reflexes are of Von and not yours and the 
ring which you will give to Suri will also take her to her original 
self of Sugar. Beware of the consequences as there are certain 
limitations to a vampire's body.” The voice fades away with a maniacal 

“It's been two days since he left Suri. Maybe he...” 

“No. I know he's alive Twinkle and he'll come back. My heart can never
fail me. I will wait for him for all eternity.” 

As Suri sits waiting for me, my thoughts keep coming; it's just that I
am yet to arrive. Her eyes keep searching for me and her heart is full 
of hope. It's just that her ears are not ready to listen to any 
distressing news. A loneliness creeps all around as the wind plays with 
the lantern spark. She waits with tired eyes perched at the window when 
suddenly she hears wild knocks on her door. It's Twinkle. 

“Suri he's back. He comes riding and calling your name.” 

Suri's heart rose and she ran outside to her gate. She could hear me
calling her name and coming towards her. She waved at me with all 
enthusiasm. As I came closer she could see the change in my physical 

“What has happened Victor?” 

“Suri I'm sorry I return in this form my darling. But I never gave up.” 

“Oh Victor...” 

I take out her present and push it up her finger. Suri's fragrance and
beauty started fading gradually and the smell of blood is all around. 
It is all true. The ring is cursed. 

“This smell, I sense, is so closely related.” 

“It was on this that we used to feed Sugar.” 

The morning sun starts to rise; she falls with me, ash to ash into the
dust, leaving behind the only manifest of our co-existence: the metal 
ring which drowns into the ashes but we know we will reunite again to 
continue the journey. 


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