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VAMPIRE (standard:fantasy, 2239 words)
Author: WalkerAdded: Jan 14 2009Views/Reads: 1957/1181Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Vampire is not a complete change from the usual romantic characters, but it is somehow a different route to love. And the inspiration to this fantasy is the resplendent and enticing 'SURBHI CHAHAR'. I love you Surbhi...

‘Once victim, always victim...that's the law.' 


One more attempt to get to the meaning of love. But the need is
imagination, focus and thrill...and the requisite is intoxication. 
Somehow all the powers of the mind's eye spring up after the senses are 
over satisfied. Behold... 

Part I- California 

The year is of Dracula (Count Wampyr). Everybody lives in fear of being
bitten and becoming a kin of the fraternity. It is difficult to 
distinguish the blood-suckers moving amongst the community and whenever 
chance strikes a mortal is prey. At this hour a young, pretty and 
virgin lass walks the streets. Weak from hunger, I follow. ‘Sweet 
fragrance' the good lord had so conjugated. It was the smell of warm 
blood to me, but it was her identity. I hasten my walk and by the time 
she realizes, I have her seized. The teeth elongated are ready to 
pierce but the sense of hearing overpowers as she whimpers in pain of 
the grasp. The cry and the ecstasy make me let go and she turns. Those 
wet eyes full of the fear of the well known curse meet mine and the 
innocence drowns me out. I retract my feet but the cry had brought 
help. It tries to strike me down but finds itself a prey to my hunger. 
As I feed my eyes never let go of hers. She keeps looking at me and 
when shame pinches I let go and start to walk back. As I turn around a 
bend I see her overlooking the corpse. I wait for a reaction. She picks 
up a sharp wedged stone and staring at me swipes it across her wrist. 
The blood is invitation, its cocaine. My jaw drops and a shiver runs 
down the spine. I resist; I can't feed off her. Overpowering the 
temptation of virgin blood I walk away. 

But as the blood seeps, the strength and the beauty of the lass is
drained. I hear the fall and rush back to her. How to revive her? I 
want her to live. Should I transfer the curse and get her into this 
world and make this dark a shine for her? It's the only way. Confused I 
bite. So long awaited she gains consciousness and her new self is 
revealed. I express my desire for her and she wraps her arms around me 
and slowly lifts herself to my lips and makes me recognize that she is 
my rarest rose ready to bloom. 

I find myself completely pulled into a new fantasy world. Every moment I
discover a new part of myself with her around. Her fragrance is ever so 
enchanting that I want her around. Whenever I look into her eyes all my 
passion starts churning out. I feel as if I can live forever just 
looking at her, listening to her voice, smelling her fragrance and 
experiencing eternity every time we make love. Her touch, her kisses 
are bliss. 

As days pass I decide to honor my love with a rare present and set out
in search for something special. Lost in my thoughts of what would be 
the best thing for her I ride on. Searching for a good long duration I 
find a perfect metal for her and the first glimpse has me satisfied 
that this would suit her perfect. As I start back for home my intuition 
starts visualizing awful series of events that might occur. I realize I 
have strayed too far off my boundaries. I quicken the trot and soon I 
realize I have them tailing me. The growls become more evident and I 
realize the danger I am in. Lycans, our most dreaded enemies have me 
surrounded and my fight for survival begins. As I ride along and slay 
as many as I can I know my lone strength is not enough for me to ride 
away to safety. As they strike me each and every time my strength fades 
and finally I fall off. My senses fade and I faint away. Howling 
victory, they leave. 

When I regain consciousness I find myself too weak to even lift myself.
Only blood can help I know and soon I smell a prey. I grab and drink to 
the fullest. This I know can only make me able enough to get to her 
before I finally fade away. I make haste and when I reach the place 
which I always recognized by her fragrance, I find her weeping. She had 
been waiting for me. I call to her and she turns to see the slaughter 
visible all over me. She rushes toward me and as I fall, grabs me in 
her lap. I take out her present and push it up her finger. Her eyes 
yell that why did I have to do it. All I can reply is, “I love you 
Sugar.” I feel those tears on my cheeks for sometime and then that feel 
gets disabled for good. 

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