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Mixed Emotions (standard:drama, 594 words)
Author: JackieAdded: Jan 22 2009Views/Reads: 2047/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Trying to understand something that you cant

It was a perfect day. My grandpa and grandma and I sat under a tree
having a picnic. I remember the grass being so green the sky was blue 
the sun was shining and there being a light crisp breeze. 

We went to the teddy bear picnic there I saw someone get their teddy
bear sewen back up and I took a picture with a panda bear. I went on an 
elephant ride and we walked throughout the zoo to see all the animals. 

My grandpa and grandma were like my mom and dad to me. Since my father
had passed away when I was a baby and my mother had an addiction to 
alcohol. I remember holding my grandmas hand as she walked me to 
school. I used to play hide and seek with my grandpa I remember him 
trying to find me and I'd hide in the sneakiest places I could think 
of. My grandma would let me play with her jewellery box and I would put 
her rings on my little pony toys and pretend they were princesses. 

I put on these little round bandages on all over my feet to see what
they would do or how they would look like sitting on the window sill 
swinging my feet. Then my grandma asked my mom if she seen her corn 
bandages then I was like uh-oh but when they saw them on all over my 
feet they burst out laughing. 

For lunch my grandma would make soup and a four tier stack of sandwiches
and I'd have a big glass of milk. During saturday mornings I would get 
up early to watch cartoons one of my favourites was pee wee hermans 
playhouse, for breakfast I would often eat cereal and my grandma made 
her special toast which had a sweet taste at the last bite. Even today 
when I try to make it like how she did it doesn't have that sweet taste 
to it. 

During thanksgiving the whole family would come over. My aunts, uncles
and my mom we would all sit at the table which had a festive table 
cloth over it. Christmas would be the same thing I remember getting a 
beautiful white and green pj set that had snowflake shapes on it a pink 
earring and necklace set and a big stuffed lion that I could sit on in 
front of the t.v also the night before my grandpa would turn on the 
radio so we could listen for the latest update on santa clause. 

Then one day my mom said she was better and I went to live with her. My
grandma came over to visit but she wasn't with my grandpa. I asked her 
where he was and she said he would be here in a bit. When she told me 
he was waiting outside I saw he was with another woman I didn't know 
what to say, then I saw my grandma looking from the window and I felt a 
rush of mixed emotions feelings of anger, hurt and confusion rushing 
over me. 

I felt like if I talked to them I would be betraying my grandma I wanted
to ask my grandpa why he wasn't with my grandma so maybe they could be 
together again but instead I yelled for them to go and watched them 
walk away til I couldn't see them anymore tears of sadness and anger 
streaming down my face because that day I knew I would never see my 
grandpa again who was like my father to me.


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