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Losing weight (standard:Inspirational stories, 353 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Jan 23 2009Views/Reads: 1714/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

I stood in front of the mirror and checked my wet and naked body. I
checked my legs, hips, abdomen, chest and chin – then I felt my lips 
issue an impish but victorious smile. 

It was almost two months ago when I started my own weight loss program:
no rice, no sweets, minimum meat, maximum fruits and daily exercise. It 
was so radical that I felt delirious during the first week then 
feverish in the following weeks. 

Now, I am looking at the byproduct of my resolution. 

Well, I did not transform into a David Beckham or a Gerard Butler or a
Daniel Craig, but my unsightly body bulges have shrunk a bit. Even my 
neck which was gobbled up by jiggling fat has started to reappear below 
my jawline. 

This kinesis to a health stimulus taught me one thing: the primary
requisite of losing weight is losing your “self”. 

Excessive weight gain is due to our “self” – not really due to the
chocolate or the ice cream or even the greasy burger. An unbridled 
“self” turns need into want, want into craving, craving into obsession, 
and obsession into a lapping addiction. And while the “self” thickens, 
the body puts on weight in record time. 

The “self” is also a great deceiver for it makes the hideous copasetic
and the normal repugnant. It confuses the meanings of abuse and 
moderation. Abuse becomes a matter of right while moderation is 
consigned as a thing of oppression – hence, bloating the person into 

But do not forget that nothing is unconquerable in this world. 

The nightmare may be ghastly, but we just have to wake up to get rid of
it. The antidotes are always available over life's counter: 
perseverance, discipline, sacrifice and reason. They are the dependable 
pills of self rectification. 

As I continue to stare at my naked body, I gathered that I still have a
long, long way to go. But with my resolve to lose more of my “self”, I 
am certain that I will not only become physically fit, but I will also 
develop into life's lean, mean fighting machine. 


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