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The God Who Failed (standard:Satire, 1955 words)
Author: WalkerAdded: Jan 24 2009Views/Reads: 3881/1797Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Love comes in two phases: pleasure and pain. The Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime.


She was afraid of whether he would make it or not and the thought making
her precarious was that will Logan be able to revive him. It was now 
over an hour that the surgery had started. How much more time to go? 
She glanced at the clock ticking. It somehow sent her remembering how 
it had all started... 

Logan had been a bright student since childhood and now after high
school he aspired to be a surgeon. The vast secrets of this field, he 
thought, were for him to explore. The thought ‘God heals and the doctor 
takes the fee' was not meant for him. His desire was only to gain 
respect in the profession and heal all who suffered and never to fail 
in any endeavor he would pursue. 

Now after many years of hardship he had finally succeeded in achieving
his objective. He was vast reputed and extremely careful in his 
profession. He took pride in it. Such a worth hardly goes unnoticed. 
Grace had fallen for him and was looking for an opening to get a word 
with him in private. This happened finally when Grace's uncle fell ill 
and was taken to the doctor because of serious pain around the liver 
and stomach confluence. He was diagnosed serious liver damage. 

Logan took Grace outside the examination chamber and told her that her
uncle will have to stop alcohol completely and if the medication works 
then maybe he would forgo the operation. But it all depended on her 
uncle's control over the urge now. She started weeping, “He has always 
been like a father to me.” He held her hand, “Don't worry, let's hope 
for the best and I'm sure he'll be fine.” 

After this both started meeting more often; sometimes in relation to the
old man's health and mostly because they wanted to see each other. Love 
had finally found its way into their hearts. 

Now the only thing that Logan was unaware of was that Gabriel (Grace's
uncle) and his own father had once been through this period of love but 
with the same woman who finally became Logan's mother. This had ripped 
Gabriel's heart and the hurt had turned into vengeance. But Logan's 
father had died shortly after due to sickness and Gabriel's thought of 
avenging himself had to bite the dust. And now when he saw his niece 
getting close to Logan he set his mind as to how he would ruin their 
fate. He would never approve of their marriage. And moreover he knew 
Grace would never go against his care. 

And it so happened. When Logan approached for the matrimony Gabriel
refused saying he had someone else in mind. “But we both are in love 
with each other.” “I think I know what's best for her. You may leave.” 
Logan left overly disappointed. 

But Grace's reaction to this was totally contrastive. She felt bad about
the disapproval but didn't match Logan's frequency of disappointment. 
“I don't know. I cannot dream of disregarding him. He has been 
everything to me for years now and I just can't go against his wishes. 
He has given whatever I desired and I haven't felt alone ever in my 
life just because was always there to take very good care of me,” was 
her reply which left Logan utterly disappointed. 

The so beautiful relation ended up in just minutes and the final outcome
was thereafter whenever they would see each other it was all formal and 
otherwise avoided to an extent. Logan continued with his work on a 
regular and fair basis and also started planning to shift to some other 
place without letting Grace or any of his near ones know. He just 
couldn't bear the thought of looking at Grace and not being able to 
express his feeling and touch to her. 

‘By nature man hates change; seldom will he quit his old home till it
has actually fallen around his ears.' Things had totally fallen around 
Logan and as days passed the unmoved attitude of Grace and his 
loneliness started to take their toll on him. She was totally into him. 
He definitely needed a change. But the change came from the latter's 

Earlier today Gabriel complained of the pain again. Grace wasn't home
and the neighbors took him to Logan's clinic. Everyone knew he was the 
best. Logan immediately started the initial test procedures and finally 

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