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Babies (standard:Inspirational stories, 266 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Jan 29 2009Views/Reads: 1661/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Anger Management

As a mediaman, I have to deal with different kinds of nerve-wrecking
personalities - a persistent collage of spit-spraying egocentrics. 

Sometimes, I feel like cutting their heads off or dicing their faces or
stabbing their owl-eyes or burning their souls for damned hell's fury. 
But - whew! - why should I do those things? I do not want to be a brass 
spittoon that eats and absorbs their stinky personalities. 

How, then, do I manage my anger on them? Simple, I picture and treat
them as babies. 

Every time they start emptying my self-esteem with their motor-mouths, I
also commence imagining their faces when they are still babies  
lovely, cute newborns just learning to mumble; needing care and 
attention from their proud moms and dads. 

Well, it is truly hard to conjure up the baby faces of these present
social feces. Imagine trying to view a crocodile politician as an 
angelic tot or a bloating businessman as a meek toddler or a vicious 
authority as a kindly kid or a garrulous neighbor as a bashful child  
truly energy draining. 

But the antidote to the stress is the beating of a parent's heart  the
instrument of affection, forgiveness and rational tolerance. For a 
father or a mother would still care for a life that even the world 
itself despises. 

Thus, as I view these unbearable beings as cuddly babies, I try to exude
the God-given gifts to parents: love, understanding and extraordinary 
patience. Then - in an instant - these filthy, nerve-wrecking 
personalities turn into glowing drive and inspiration to live on, go on 
and move on. 


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