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Alternative Norwegian King's New Year's Message (standard:non fiction, 477 words)
Author: Rattan MannAdded: Feb 11 2009Views/Reads: 1737/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A few thoughts about where the "Political Ape" (Morris' "Naked Ape", if you prefer) stands today.

Alternative Norwegian King's New Year's Message 

Noble Cyberdenizens, every year, beginning this year, I will give an
"Alternative New Year's Message" as a counterbalance to the Norwegian 
King's New Year's Message. 

The reason for this apparently "rash, even ill-conceived" step is that
in Norway, like in Stalin's Russia, not a leaf stirs, or a word 
uttered, without "official approval".  This has to change if the west 
is to remain a vibrant society in the 21st centuary, instead of 
tottering on its feet as it is doing now.  If this is not the time to 
stand up to "official truth", then that time would never come. 

This year, thanks to the lifelong struggles of many, many people like
me, the Norwegian King has finally admitted in his New Year's Message 
that Norway has a big race problem and people are openly and publicly 
hounded for their race and color, especially if they dare protest 
against it. 

Unfortunately, within minutes the Norwegian media shot down the moon -
killed the glimmer of hope the King's words had given to many like me - 
when TV2 paraded a non-white husband and wife jumping and screaming 
that Norway is "perfect". 

Here is my "Alternative New Year's Message for 2009" :  Those who forget
history (like TV2) do it at their own peril. Apartheid South Africa 
spent almost 100 years parading terrorized nannies and forcing them to 
call South Africa a "just society".  Nobody looked at that horror-show 
twice.  People like me fought for truth, suffered, and died, and it is 
because of them that South Africa changed - not through forcing 
frightened people to sing the "State's Truth".  Norway, pay heed to 
history and your own King, if not to me! 

Now a few words to the rest of the world:  The present and sudden
economic meltdown is nothing but a manifestation of the gradual 
meltdown of faith and communication between the privilaged and the 
non-privilaged, the powerful and the powerless.  Never since the eve of 
the French Revolution has there been less communication between man and 
man then in our so called "Age of Communication".  The only 
communication channels protruding out of the present day corridors of 
power are an unimaginative and third-rate copy of  Marie Antoinette 
words - if they don't have bread, let them eat cake. 

But as a Buddha, a Christ, a Lao Tse pointed out long ago, the true
channels of communication are not technological but the same 
"old-fashioned tools" called hearts and minds.  And never in the 
history of man have Krishna's words - Oh Arjun, fight for justice 
without fearing defeat -  been more relevant than today. 

Finally, I dedicate my first yearly message to those bold and unknown
cybercitizens who, right now as I write these words, are fighting with 
Hamlet to set wrong things right without expecting reward or 

Rattan Mann


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