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The Broken-Hearted Soul (standard:poetry, 127 words)
Author: ChantellAdded: Feb 11 2009Views/Reads: 1595/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
umm most people don't understand the true meaning of the poem. it's kinda confusing. so the meaning is: it pretty much means what it says if you pay attention and think when i say a shy invention that led into temptation I mean that we're acting like

The Broken- Hearted Soul 

A shy invention That led into temptation While it lie on the floor Being
burned to the core It is now only black But it does not lack That which 
we seek But will never speak While we fall into darkness There is only 
blackness That which we dream but have not seen That which others will 
not see in this scene That which we believe But it will never leave 
Those who never lack For which they have a knack Those of the 
broken-hearted that will give their soul Just to keep their life whole 
They want only happiness But that which they get is only sickening 
madness We who try but never send We all end up betrayed in the end


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