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ABC poem (standard:poetry, 254 words)
Author: ChantellAdded: Feb 12 2009Views/Reads: 1578/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
wrote this in the 8th grade for extra credit

A- All the night long I lay here waiting for sleep to elude me; my
heart, B- Beating faster with each breath I draw in fear this will be 
my last moments here C- Cannot let go and yet I cannot hold on any 
longer; for each, D- Day that passes my mind fears the, E- Everlasting 
light will soon, F- Fade; never again to see the moonlight kindling 
your, G- Gorgeous face; the pure, H- Hatred and the pure love we have 
for others will lead us to our demise that we fear so; the, I- 
Irritation of others, J- Jealousy of others is, K- Kindling our hatred 
even further; the, L- Lust overpowers my soul to let go of this world 
and leave M- My heart weeps with sorrow; this journey has come to, N- 
Naught; as each new, O- Opportunity comes along, more challenges I 
face, but I try, P- Pushing myself to stay here for a few seconds 
longer for my Q- Quest in this world has not yet been completed; as I 
stare upon the fields of, R- Ruin I, S- See all that has been and all, 
T- That will be; this U- Universe has come to naught; we say we are 
all, V- Versatile and yet our minds and attitudes stay as one W- We 
cannot say that of what we cannot do; our, X- Xenophobia of others is 
driving this world to madness Y- Your life is what you make of it Z- 
Zealous or not 


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