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Untitled (standard:poetry, 224 words)
Author: ChantellAdded: Feb 12 2009Views/Reads: 1499/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
wasn't a good day when i wrote this...

Everyone has betrayed us And thus We must run Run for our lives, seeing
only the sun One last time before we die, I'm losing my mind We are 
running to save our pride And now our stride Must quicken for our fears 
are gaining Our blood is staining Staining our hearts staining everyone 
And now as the sun fades into a black oblivion In my sight I try with 
all my might To push through the darkness That is now death I see only 
blackness There is no hope for me I hope someone does not see My pain, 
I just want to lie Here and die I knew this would come soon, I knew my 
end only held death I thought I had stealth But I have nothing And I 
never had anything Maybe death isn't so bad I am only sad I am now 
blind I can feel my mind Slipping away I have nothing to say My only 
hope is that someone does not see How can this be? This pain is too 
much Before I had a hunch But I never knew it would hurt this bad And 
others are not sad They do not care what happens to me So they do not 
see How much pain I am in I just want this to be the end 


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