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untitled (standard:poetry, 364 words)
Author: ChantellAdded: Feb 12 2009Views/Reads: 1417/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

While I stare up at the skies And every thing dives Down back to Earth
on the ground Where everything is mound Into place I just want to see 
your face While you stand there before me And I stare at your face the 
most beautiful thing I've ever seen You stare back at me with a smile 
I'd go for miles Just to see your beautiful eyes just to hear your 
beautiful voice like a song It won't take long All I want to do is love 
you with all of my heart and all that I have in me Please just try to 
see My love for you is to strong I can't go on without you I wish you 
could love me to Why do I dream such things I just have hope While I 
sit here and mope I know how much I love you I just need to know how 
much you love me Please just listen to me Every day I wish that I will 
see your face just one more time I want you to be mine No matter what 
it takes I will fight for you I will one day show you how much I love 
you I hope you will understand my love I just try to shove The love out 
of me but no matter what I do I'll always love you No matter what you 
think of me, I don't care I just want to say something to I love you 
with all of my heart I would die for you Just to see you happy no 
matter what you say no matter what you do My love for you will only 
increase everyday that I spend With you, with talking to you, with 
every moment of me seeing your face, I just want to mend My heart, 
being away from you hurts so much just one more minute with you Just 
one more second of me looking at your gorgeous face maybe two I can't 
stand this any more It's burning me to the core Just listen to the 
words I'm saying, I love you And I hope you love me too


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