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Nothing and Everything (standard:poetry, 192 words)
Author: JuliaAdded: Feb 18 2009Views/Reads: 1669/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
someone who goes from having everything to nothing....or is it nothing to everything?

And watching the wonderment disappear from your eyes; I panic 

The only way I can survive is to keep you from leaving 

You are my life now, as you have always been 

I make a fool of myself to keep it that way 

As I know you are unhealthy for me, but I cannot change the way I am 

Possibly I could, but why?  I do not want to 

It is pointless in my befuddled mind 

I watch you take a step away 

I'm thrown to the lions; hungry and ferocious 

They feed on me as my body writhes hopelessly 

And then I am still 

And the clouds twist around me, weaving beautiful shapes 

The weight has been lifted, I worry no more 

For you're gone, I have nothing left to lose 

And I have everything to gain 

With you gone, I realize 

I never had you to begin 

And you weren't worth it, all it was was worry 

The only thing I ever thought was "how to keep it this way?" 

When the only thing I had for me was my questions 

I never had anything 

And now I have everything


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