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Man and his folly (standard:Inspirational stories, 489 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 04 2009Views/Reads: 1734/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
my thoughts on infidels and Atheist

Man and his folly It is something to behold how many people don't
believe in any hereafter, old Satan has filled their darken hearts with 
lies, and convinced them that they are no God to fear or worship. 
Common sense would acknowledge that emotions of love and hate are 
certainly in the world. Creation is proved by the earth which man trod 
on, whether man will have this fact or not,. It is noticed by folks 
that those that are Atheist are confident that God don't exist , 
knowing the judgment of God that unbelievers have sealed their on fate, 
by not accepting God as being the make and creator of all things, Take 
a look out you window and see what the lord has made...don't give me 
that crap that we evolved by some Meer miracle, or that big theory of 
evolution. Those that die without  faith shall suffer the punishment of 
God, they will stand before the one that formed them in their mother 
womb, and be judged for the things done in their bodies for the good 
and for the bad. There is no way for them to escape after their eyelids 
close in death. God word tell us bluntly that sin brought forth death, 
and therefore all men pay that dept rich or poor all men sooner of 
later meet that promise , Now you that read this and think its rubbish 
might want to take another look at the truth and accept it before it is 
eternally to late for you to repent to God, No man can forgive you of 
your sinfulness, but God! Just like God said in the last days men shall 
run from the truth, men shall love darkness better than the light of 
God. It is not God will for any man to die with his sins unforgiving, 
God don't send men  to hell, but  men send themselves to hell by not 
listing to the word of the almighty God, Some folks trust God they put 
their whole life into his hands these have the right kind of faith, 
they are established in God ,, Oh you Atheist make light of this that I 
have written and curse the God that made thee from the dirt and formed 
you as it pleased him while you were in your mother womb, but you shall 
see the light someday but that day will be too late because in outer 
darkness you shall be punished day and night forever and forever Some 
folks have common sense but not such as you, your mind is swelled with 
pride for your mind is convinced and sealed to unbelief  and that 
unbelief will keep you and deliver you to you rightful place in hell 
shall your eyelids open to torments, but blame no one ,but yourself 
because you chose your final abode. Like the bird to the share you were 
caught with the devils lies, 


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