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Understanding God (standard:Inspirational stories, 660 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 13 2009Views/Reads: 1760/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
man is alway trying to disprove the excistance of the Lord God.. his quest never ends and his theories are endless,just as endless as the final abode of those that choise not to believe..

Understanding God The questions we often ask about God are most likely
never answered at least to some standards. Man has always tried to 
figure out the earth and the reasons of things' and he find himself 
with such theories that he never has proof to his opinion.. Question 
could anyone really explain in details how the earth was formed and 
made? The answer to this question is and easy one the answer no..Man in 
his quest to disprove God, has been a never ending quest, and will 
remain so .. God word don't lay out the substance and the formula of 
how God made the world, but did tell us in the Holy bible that he was 
the maker... It is my opinion that God didn't have to explain this 
because if he had we could not of   grasp this creative knowledge 
anyhow. Each person can either accept the word as being true or counter 
clock wise believe it not true ‘ that is the given right to all men of 
all greed and nations.. Whether we believe or not believe makes no 
difference to the fact of the matter.. The word explains so vivid that 
the fool has said in his heart there is no God, let us look at what the 
word fool means,, it mean unwise.. This concludes that believers are 
not fools but wise in accepting what God and his commandment has 
spoken.. The foolish person would make foolish decisions like not 
believing in something that is true and good.. God knows before hand 
that many will reject him, and with all the evidence of his word and 
the evidence of the earth and life and all the creatures roaming about 
with life in their bodies that only a wise and powerful creators would 
have the knowledge of putting life in lifeless bodies and making them 
to live and move and crawl upon the earth, God is saying with seeing 
all this and knowing all this that it would take a pure fool not to 
acknowledge him as being what he claims to be and that is a almighty 
God..  Need I say more? If you are reading this and your and Atheist I 
ask you to come to understand and don't be a closed minded unbelieving 
fool as God has described a fool to be and unbeliever . When a person 
closes the heart and want accept the truth how can truth ever penetrate 
the heart, ? Each of us is  alive can see things in living color, this 
cannot be explained ! At least in the human perspective , you may beg 
to differ with my logic, but it make no difference with me because 
facts are facts, and lies are lies, It was in God plans that each man 
or woman boy or girl could chose to believe or not believe as I have 
stated above the free choice is yours” to chose” joining a group of 
fools that go about to disprove God is a sure way of ending up in and 
eternal punishment that is never going to end, someone said God sends 
men to hell, but that is not the case... men sends himself to hell by 
him choosing not to accept God and repent to him of his sins that he 
has committed against the lord rules and commandments .. Last question 
what will send more people to hell than any thing. ? Answer neglect .. 
I repeat neglect ... to believe and receive is a must, simply again I 
repeat to believe and receive will saved a soul from hell... so I 
conclude with this blunt question ? Do you believe will you receive .. 
Or will you remain with and unbelieving heart to the end of your days 
till death parts your soul to and eternal heaven or and eternal hell... 
this last question is a sobering thought that can only be answered by 
you my friend...


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