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Flash (standard:Psychological fiction, 457 words)
Author: Leif TannerAdded: Mar 19 2009Views/Reads: 2195/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Between the line of what's thought about and what's not

flesh impacts scheduled venus flashbacks. recess drinking nights.
unhappy mesemedsu. but vote on the freeway. feel helium atoms. never 
reach the city. watching by. people wonder how they do. flesh impacts. 
recess times. a kid and unhappy. nothing about you. flies above the 
atmosphere. flashing dawn nights. peace of joy. is as simple as. 
unhappy. and. happy. moving petals of feet. in time to the rhythm. 
scale about an architecture. design bitching from their bellows. 
authority. public grating is cosmetic. sidewalk lamp. grazing of the 
tapped. reserve. feeding the tadpoles. so unknowingly. the human race. 
flesh impacts. venus rising words. the beauty of death. is lost in 
guns. special flashbacks of a sane madman. unhappy mesemedsu. the 
voting helium atoms. recess times. drinking unrelated times. parallel 
wonders. a guitar rift through the dark. the perfect life. how does it 
make you feel. when the world is spinning. the recess dregs. of time. 
have slipped away. flesh impacts. unhappy nights. the freeway. reality. 
venus watching by. recess free nights. funeral trash. vessels populated 
by filth. as decay spreads. from antenna of working ants. swift recess 
impacts. fresh waves of passion. anatomically perfected. madness is 
within reach. feeling helium grounds. scheduled observers of venus. 
silent deaths warming the dark. music blaring out of sinc. we love. 
melancholy gum users. recess request. the shade destroyers. feel 
unhappy with radio trash. flesh impacts. radio number one. atmosphere 
an absorbent. with hymned praises. passing drunkard stools. killing 
reality. killing for themselves. mainstream madness. helium fields of 
pine. the real introduction. soars majestically in country air. flashed 
out impacts. missing the sunshine. through the well. cannot worry about 
the things. i am looking for. something true. that will fill a night. i 
am looking in the summer light. radio silence. engulfed like flames. 
the peaked confines of reality. vegabond resistance. household 
crackdowns. words are thrown without worry. unnecessary summer days. 
not knowing where. things should be missed. happiness be mine. startled 
pages of a book. reaching the recess of thought. spacecraft futures. 
without the boundaries of truth. as the earth becomes our sun. twilight 
bathes crescent moons. in the land of peaceful. intentions. release of 
the souls. love through unbridled places. never seen. never released. 
recessed truths. flesh impacts of fits. on a place. undiluted bar 
brawls. shiver. walking through summer tunes. recess nights. our 
yearnings of opened doors. fly me there. where fresh pales of light. 
resist encroachment. on dreams. household prayers and beliefs of 
fiction. the writing pages of dawn. searching down secret suns. future 
tense in recess dreams. tell me a never-ending tale. of arbitrary life. 
of distant worlds. accessible in my dreams. stretch the limit of bare 
imagination. of unabridged nights. recesses in time. angelic delight. 

© Leif Tanner


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