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End of the world (standard:fantasy, 371 words)
Author: jopoguerreroAdded: Mar 27 2009Views/Reads: 1724/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

As they watched the earth's last bits flow into the great void, two
angels, Jorelle and Julian, mournfully chatted about what caused the 
destruction of the human race. 

“What a waste!” Jorelle sighed. “Their world seemed so perfect, yet they
violently ended into nothingness!” 

“Oh, their world was perfect,” Julian grunted. “It was perfect, until
they committed a great mistake.” 

“Great mistake?” Jorelle raised a brow. “What was that?” 

Julian flapped his wings and playfully flew around Jorelle as he spoke.
“Well, they took suffering away from the young. Yes, they withheld pain 
from their children. It was a blunder that vanquished their race.” 

Jorelle scratched her head in confusion. “Isn't it good to take away

Julian smiled as he gently pinched Jorelle's cheek. 

“Well, it depends,” he explained. “There are two kinds of pain: one
builds while the other destroys. Pains that demolish a child's person, 
like cruelty and exploitation, must be unquestionably eliminated. But 
pains that build character, like correction and challenge, must be 
allowed to scale into a child's system.” 

“Unfortunately, man failed or refused to see the delineation,” Julian
continued. “They showered their children with multifarious rights – 
right against corporal punishment, right against stern reprimand, right 
against humbling rectifications, right against wounding criticisms and 
even right against work.” 

Jorelle again scratched her head. “Are these rights bad?” 

Julian lovingly looked into Jorelle's eyes. 

“Not really,” he said. “But humans misused these rights – utilized them
as political propaganda, religious war cry, product endorsement and 
mask for their irresponsible parenting. They also overused them, as if 
man can live by their rights alone.” 

“As a result,” Julian continued. “Humans became weaklings who merely
rely on the inventions of the devil – luck, superstition, connections 
and self pity. Thus, when times turned threatening, instead of uniting 
for survival, they started killing each other and themselves. And.....” 

Jorelle looked into the void as she interrupted Julian. “And it led to
their extinction?” 

Julian sighed. “Yes. It also led to the destruction of a great world.” 

Jorelle and Julian fell silent as they continued to watch the great
emptiness fill itself with the remains of the human world – it even 
shook as it burped. 

Then the two angels flew away, in tears. 


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