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Never Forget (standard:romance, 1353 words)
Author: JackieAdded: Apr 01 2009Views/Reads: 1956/999Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about romance

I remember the first time I seen him. He had blonde hair and the
brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. I was in the lunchroom waiting 
for my turn to use the microwave beep the microwave went he brushed 
past me to grab his food I stood there stiff holding in my breath and 
in a flash he was gone. I thought to myself what an idiot you are you 
couldn't even muster out a simple hi nice weather we're having hey? 

I made friends with a guy named Brian he had dark brown eyes and hair.
Some of my friends were smitten over him but I thought he's just a nice 
guy but not my type. Then one day I saw the blonde hair blue eyed guy 
talking to Brian and thought to myself hmmm they must be friends. My 
friendship with Brian became stronger we would talk on the phone for 

One night I saw Brian smoking a cigarette with that blonde guy so I
decided to say hi. I walked up to them and they asked if I wanted a 
cigarette so I said "Yeah sure". Feeling awkward not knowing what to 
say I said "Well I guess I'II get going". they both said "No stay it's 
cool" so I did. Then Brian introduced me and said this is my friend 
Jay, Jay this is Lydia I said "Hello" and we talked for awhile about 
people walking by and who they were etc. 

One night I was at home feeling lonely I decided to dial a phone number
at random I watched what buttons I pressed and a guys voice answered 
"Hello?". I quickly hung up and thought what a sexy voice feeling an 
adrenaline rush of excitement. 

One day I was attending a meeting and I saw Jay there. Afterwards I ran
into him outside and he asked for my number so I gave it to him. He 
said to me I'II call you. Feeling butterflies in my stomach I smiled 
and said "Okay". He called later that same day and asked to come over 
so I told him where I lived. He gave me his number and when I looked at 
it I was amazed because it was the same number I had dialed at random. 
I wanted to tell him about it but I thought to myself nah it was 
probably just a coincidence. 

We sat on the couch watching t.v he asked "So do you have a boyfriend?".
I said "No but I just broke up with someone he was a jerk". So he asked 
"Do you want to go out with me?" I replied "Yes". Thinking to myself I 
should say no because I don't want this to be a rebound thing but I 
knew I liked him a lot so I said yes. He then asked if I wanted to kiss 
so I said "Yes" knowing I should say no because it was our first date 
but I said "Yes" because he was my friend at first so to me it was like 
forget the rules they don't count. 

When we sitting in my bedroom I had a bunch of Leonardo Di Caprio
posters up. Jay asked "So you like Leonardo Di Caprio?" I said "No not 
really" so he said "Well let's take them down then" so I said "Uh ok". 
Then I thought to myself wow he must really like me. 

There were many countless times he came over. He told me he was a virgin
the first time he came over but in the back of my mind I didn't believe 
him. Perhaps because I didn't believe in love anymore because I just 
got out of a bad break up. One day he came over and looked in my 
cupboards and he scolded me because I only had a loaf of bread, eggs, 
noodles and a bag of frozen vegetables. He told me "Come on I'II buy 
you some food". I told him "No, thats okay thats all I need I'm 

One day while we were talking in my bedroom we were talking about how
stupid people are when they give eachother hickeys. So we decided to 
fool around and we gave eachother hickeys when we looked in the mirror 
we burst out laughing and I thought to myself damn now I'm going to 
have to wear a turtle neck for a week. Then one day he told me he loved 
me...complete silence from my end I was reluctant to say it because I 
didn't want to say it because I knew I loved him too a lot and I didn't 
want to lose him. I whispered to him "I love you too". 

I was throwing a party at my house and had some friends over. Jay called
and he asked "What's going on?". I told him "I'm having a party" he 
asked "Who's all there?" I said "Oh some friends like Melissa, Karen 
and uh Patrick". He then told me "I'm coming over". When he got there I 
was completely sloshed I was walking around holding a pail in case I 
barfed then I yelled "Hey everybody this is my boyfriend Jay" there 
were like hi. Then I sat on his knees on the couch and said "I missed 

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