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Castle In The Clouds, Chapters 3 & 4 (standard:drama, 2074 words) [2/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Apr 06 2009Views/Reads: 1618/940Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A wealthy banker purchases an island castle and encounters a beautiful violinist, the woman of his dreams - or so he thinks. Chapters 3 and 4 of a completed story.


Llewellyn returned to the castle entrance to find Dorothea emerging from
its shadows. 'Well brother, that was a chance encounter, was it not?' 

'Will you keep as keen an eye on the household as you do my activities,
Dorothea?' Llewellyn pushed past her, embarrassed and annoyed by her 
snooping – he felt her eyes burning the back of his head as he 
descended the stairs to the lounge. 

'Of course I shall, as you well know,' her voice sounded hollow,
resounding from the stone walls of the narrow stairway, 'but one cannot 
fail to notice your interest in the young Miss Day.' 

Llewellyn loosened his tie; Dorothea's words were as sharp as her voice.
'Miss Day has experienced a troublesome ordeal; she felt the need for a 
peaceful walk. I merely consoled her and introduced myself.' 

Dorothea followed him to the lounge window, where he stood, hands thrust
into the pockets of his breeches. She stood alongside, drew on her 
cigarette, gazed across the gardens and fields beyond. 'A peaceful walk 
perhaps, but I sense there to be another reason for the path she took-' 

'Which is?' Llewellyn turned, inhaling her acrid breath. She gave what
he termed her “cocky” smile, dark eyes alive with mischief, 'Do not 
concern yourself brother, time will tell.' 

Unprepared to indulge himself in his sister's ambiguities, Llewellyn
returned to his study. He longed to re-establish contact with the 
lovely Miss Day before she left the island, and in so doing, perhaps he 
could recompense what he deemed her biggest loss. 

He tugged the gold-threaded cord at the side of his desk and soon
acknowledged the presence of his silver haired butler - 

'Ah, Hambleton, I wish to avail myself of your infinite London


'Please close the door Hambleton, I wish our conversation to be private.

'Good, now, -whereabouts in London am I to acquire a classical violin
fit for the use of a renowned performer?' 

'Sir – I do not –‘' 

'No Hambleton,' Llewellyn directed a forefinger at his butler. 'Please
do not advise me that you are unaware of the tragic events of last 

'No sir, indeed I am not.' Hambleton drew a finger across his lip, 'I
was merely going to suggest that you look in the opposite direction for 
your musical equipment.' 

Llewellyn shook his head – everything of quality derived from the
Capital, it was a known fact. 

'Sir, if you please – might I suggest Edinburgh as an alternative.
Transportation of suitable merchandise from the City might prove a 
lengthy business. By selecting Edinburgh you would not be forfeiting 
quality and I can arrange delivery of a fine instrument within two 
days, I have no doubt of that. But I do doubt that Miss Day will be 
long on this island – if you wish to impress her then I suggest 
Edinburgh sir, a mere seventy miles away – London is many times that.' 

'I seek not to impress her,' Llewellyn said loudly, then adjusting both
his tone and tuxedo, 'you understand I seek to address a great 
misfortune; spare no expense on my account and do all you can to ensure 
delivery within two days. Edinburgh it will be.' 

'I shall attend to it sir. 

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