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The Painting (standard:horror, 828 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Apr 16 2009Views/Reads: 1856/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There is a thin line between sanity and insanity...Was it real? I still can't figure it out.


It all started when I went in search for a present for my wife's
birthday. Seeing that she was an artist, I decided to surprise her with 
a painting ,so I went into an art store in Kensington that fateful day. 

At the art store, I was shown several paintings by the salesman. When I
was alone, I heard a soft voice saying behind me “Buy me, Master, buy 
me !”The voice was so compelling that I turned to look in the direction 
the pleading voice was coming from, and looked into the pleading eyes 
of a  full breasted, brown skinned woman carrying a basket full of 
fruits on her head. The painting was entitled “the Slave Girl”. It was 
so detailed that I even saw a snake-handled  knife protruding among the 
fruits. Of course, I thought I was going crazy- a voice from a 
painting? However, it was so realistic. I bought it. I could  have 
sworn that her smile widened at the  purchase. But then I put that down 
to my overwrought imagination. 

At   home, I took down the old landscape painting that hung over the
fire place for decades and replaced it with the new painting. I stepped 
back and admired it at a distance. It was so realistic, so beautiful, 
that for a moment I thought that she was alive, believe me. 

I figured that as the wife was out shopping, this should be a big
surprise for her when she returned  ,or so I thought. I then retired to 
my couch turned on the TV and waited for her return. 

About an hour or so later, I heard her car pulled into the driveway and
her voice saying “Henry, could you come and help me with the bags, 
please!” I got up immediately and went to the car, give her a welcome 
kiss to which she said , “My, aren't we in a good mood today” I then 
took out the groceries bags and we both headed for the kitchen door 
adjoining the garage. In the kitchen, after setting down the bags I 
placed my hands over her eyes and said ,”, I've got a wonderful gift 
for you !' I put my hands over her eyes She smiled and said playfully, 
”Oh, Henry, why don't you grow up!”. I then steered her into the living 
room in front of the painting, removed my hands and cried out “Happy 
Birthday, Honey!” expecting her to cry out for joy, but to my surprise, 
instead she looked at it and cried, ”Take it away,! Take it away NOW!” 
she screamed. To say the least, I was stunned at her reaction . I 
couldn't figure it out! “But- but, Honey " I stammered. " I-I thought 
that you would like it “ Her voice became shrilled “Take it away, Henry 
, take that damn thing out of the house right now!”  Confused, I turned 
and looked at the painting and could'nt believe my eyes- the face in 
the painting had been transformed from a face of beauty into a mask of 
hate! Her eyes blazed in fury. Stunned, I stood rooted on the spot, 
confused .I had'nt noticed that my wife had gone into the kitchen and 
returned with a huge kitchen knife and she rushed towards the painting. 
I rushed over to try to grab the knife from her hand to stop her , then 
something struck me and  I  blacked out. 

When I regained consciousness, the place was dark, all in a mess,.Every
thing was upturned as if a hurricane had passed through. My first 
thought was my wife. I then called out frantically“ Helen !, Helen,! 
where are you? “ I cried desperately 


I became quite alarmed, of course, then I glanced at the painting and
recoiled in shock and horror. The background of huts and trees were 
there but the girl was missing ! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, 

“Was I going mad ?”,I wondered,” Was this all a dream?” It was then that
I heard a soft moaning coming from a far side of the room, and my blood 
ran cold , a shiver ran down my spine, as I saw my wife slumped over in 
a corner, the snake handle knife from the painting embedded in her 
chest which was all spattered with blood! I sprung up and rushed over 
to her .my heart pounding in my chest " Helen, Helen, what happened ?” 
She  raised her arm and pointed behind me.. I turned slowly and saw to 
my horror and disbelief. The girl from the painting coming towards  me, 
her bloody hands outstretched "Mine !",she cried in a raspy voice” Now 
,you are all mine!”then broke into hysterical laughter PS : Well they 
say here at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane that I am responding 
well to treatment and soon I will be able to return to society But they 
said that three years ago! 


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