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The Execution (standard:drama, 514 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Apr 24 2009Views/Reads: 3092/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A prison revolt on the dreaded prison island

The Execution 

TIME : Noon. A bright, crispy, October day PLACE: Devil Island,French
Guiana 1888. (La Carre, the Warden, was the most hated man on Devil's 
Island . He treated the prisoners like dogs, picking on them for the 
least infraction, and he loved to send them to the "Box"- a small 4'x4' 
enclosure, with a corrugated zinc roof, placed in the centre of the 
compound, next to the guillotine for solitary confinement. 

The prisoners having enough of his harsh treatment decided to revolt and
capture the"Beast as LaCarre was known in the prison.) 

After overpowering the prison guards easily ,the prisoners went to the
Warden's office, kick down the door and caught La Carre hiding behind a 
shelf of books, they grabbed him and dragged him down the narrow 
corridor ,down the stairs and out into the open square A loud applause 
went up from the crowd of prisoners as La Carre's fat figure was 
dragged across the dusty ground to the waiting guillotine A pair of 
crows in a nearby tree looked down curiously at the proceedings below . 
A crowd of raggedly dressed prisoners surrounded the guillotine as La 
Carre's hands were tied behind his back. He was then led squirming up 
the thirteen steps by four prisoners to the platform where the lonely 
guillotine stood waiting. It's sharp blade glinting in the noonday sun. 

A hush fell as he was placed on his back, head FACE UP in the aperture
on the block. He cried out "No! No!Please, I beg of you, have mercy!" 
his terror filled eyes widened and beads of perspiration washed down 
his fat face as he watched the sharp edge of the blade, ascending. The 
crowd began chanting, "Off with his head! Off with his head!" 

The Executioner held the rope with the blade firmly. 

"Have you anything to say before you die, Pig!" asked the headman
Pierre, the leader of the revolt stepping forward. He was a tall, thin 
man , wearing an eye patch and dressed in ragged, gray stripped prison 
garments . 

‘Mercy, I beg you, Pierre, have mercy!"La Carre pleaded “I-I don't want
to die, Please!" He begged, his fat face washed in perspiration. 

"Mercy, dog,?" Pierre screamed a glint in his one eye," when you have
never shown any, you must die, pig, die!" replied Pierre, spitting in 
his face. La Carre pissed his trousers, his trembling figure quivering 
with fear. 

Pierre then walked over to the Executioner and whispered something in
his ear. The Executioner nodded. Pierre stood back. 

The crowd held it's breath. 

The Executioner then release the rope that held the blade and caught it
again expertly as the blade was but an inch from La Carre's throat. La 
Carre screamed and fainted from shock as the crowd roared. The plan was 
not to kill him,but to teach him a lesson. 

Post Script: 

La Carre was never the same person again. He was posted back to France a
changed man and ironically, became a champion on Prisoner's rights on 
Devil Island. 

The End 

Copyright 2006 Michael Lance Kersting 


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