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Sylvia (A tragedy) (standard:drama, 1103 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: May 15 2009Views/Reads: 2048/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes the mind can reach a breaking point.

It was Saturday night and the popular night club on Main Street,
Georgetown was crowded with revellers having a swell time. The place 
was thick with smoke. A cacophony of chat and loud laughter filled the 
air. “Combo Seven” a popular string band was in session playing “Peace 
pipe”, a current hit by the “Shadows” a British pop group. 

She was young,hip and beautiful with a fine- boned body and smooth,
brown skin. Her full sensual lips were painted red to match her red 
dress that clung to her body revealing her beautiful figure . 

As she listened to the music her mind turned to her child staying at a
kind neighbour's home in nearby Tiger Bay, a tear trickled down the 
corner of her eye . She hated this job of renting her body , but she 
had to live and with her little schooling and a baby as well ,she had 
no choice but to do this despicable thing to survive in this dreadful 
ghetto she called home . 

At the bar ,she sipped her drink slowly from a long ,slim glass as she
waited for her first client to arrive. Inevitably, they did , one after 
another, through the night ,lustful men venting their lust and 
frustrations into her young fresh body. Afterwards, she always felt 
dirty, cheated, degraded ,every moral fibre in her screamed out against 
it ,but the forces of survival were too powerful to resist ,so she 
succumbed.She must live was her dominant thought, if not for herself 
,then for her baby's sake ,so with this thought in mind she endured the 
onslaughts of the lustful, lecherous men bitterly .Feeling filthy and 
debased ,she made her way back home into the indifferent night . 

As she collected her baby with tears in her eyes,from the neighbour,
thoughts of ending it all flitted through her mind  ,but a stronger 
voice whispered “Don't be a fool ! you must survive ! you are young and 
alive ,better days are coming !" it said encouragingly. . After 
attending to her child 's needs, she took a warm shower and went to bed 
and cried herself to sleep dreading to face another day in the filthy, 
sickening degrading ghetto! 

A couple of weeks later she sat at her usual spot at the bar, “Are you
available?” said a soft voice on her right, breaking into her thoughts. 
She looked down at a short dude, dressed in a white outfit, with a red 
handkerchief in a breast pocket . He flashed a double row of gold teeth 
as he smiled. “You talkin' to me, honey?” She spoke defiantly, almost 
jeeringly, but something in her stance and bold stare, told him that 
she was ready for almost anything.  He discreetly slid a fifty from a 
jacket pocket, widened his smile, and nodded. ‘I'd like to make an 
appointment,” he said slipping the folded bill into her hand, “That is, 
if you are available?.” She stared at him, then to the bill, then back, 
a look of utter disbelief on her face. Then suddenly, she grinned. ” 
“Why, of course, I ‘m available, sugar, check out room number 8 
upstairs, and wait for me, huh ? “Sure thing , sweetie. “ the John 
said,” By the way, they call me Horse.” “They call me Brown Sugar,”She 
lied with a sly smile and slipped him a key, “Gimme a minute to stash 
my coat, and I ‘ll be right there with you...Horse”. Horse, filled with 
anticipation, turned and disappeared in the crowd .his wide brimmed 
white flop hat at an askew angle. He walked with a pronounced swagger.. 
In the room, he lay buck naked on a clean ,white sheet bed, hands 
clasped behind his neck, waiting. The place smelled like honeysuckle. 

There was a soft knocking on the door. Horse got up and opened it.
Sylvia slipped in and began undressing slowly. ” Before we do it, Hon, 
I'd like to play a little game, ” She said in a syrupy voice as she 
slipped out of her pink, nylon panties. Hell, he thought, another kinky 
one ,and all I want is to shoot my rocks off ! “What  kind of game, 
honey pie?” He asked. She took out a blue silk cord from her 
purse.”This!” she said with a broad smile. "Shit a bondage freak, he 
thought. “How about giving me a BJ before we get into it, sweetie?”He 
suggested. “Sure, why not, lover” she said, gripping his bone, tightly. 
She slipped it into her mouth and began licking the rim slowly, 
expertly. Horse slipped into  third heaven “How's it feeling ,lover?” 
She asked with a sly smile. “Wow ! that feels great, sugar, but go 
easy, huh, nice and slow ” he said, as he felt his manhood growing 
under her constant  licking. “Wow!” she said amazed.“You sure got a son 
of a gun there.” “Yeah, they don't call me Horse for nothing.” he 
bragged proudly “No kiddin.”, ‘said Sylvia evenly “Man, that feels 
great,” He moaned. Enraptured, He allowed himself to be tied, spread 
eagled on the bed. After which he watched her do a slow, tantalizing 
strip, which revealed a well shaped figure with  firm jutting breasts. 
The nipples fully erect. His eyes strayed down to the black patch of 
hair at her crotch. She then bent over and placed the tip of an erect 
nipple into his mouth.“Suck gently, Tiger” she whispered. She then 
straddled him and slipped his now throbbing manhood deep into her slick 
oven, and then began riding him slowly up and down in practiced rhythm. 
Damn, I don't deserve this ! Horse thought happily. “Now, close your 
eyes for a big surprise, lover boy.” She said soothingly. He closed his 
eyes and sighed as the sensations rippled through his body. Suddenly, 
he felt something hard, brushed against his cheek. He opened his eyes , 
gasped and stared in shocking horror before him. Sylvia now had a long 
blade kitchen knife in her hand. Horse screamed as she brought it down 
again and again into his squirming body as faces of her past customers 
flashed through her tormented mind “Filth !, Filth ! You are all filth 
!” she screamed stabbing at the now figure repeatedly. Horse'sscreams 
echoed through the building. 

Someone called the Police and when they came and broke down the door
,they found Sylvia slump at the foot of the bloody bed playing with her 
hair. “Anyone want a short time?” she asked then broke into hysterical 
laughter Sylvia's mind snapped that day as they took her down to the La 
Penitence Police Station for women. The End 


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