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Gardening with Doctor Frankenstine (standard:drama, 707 words)
Author: BlindAngelAdded: Mar 20 2001Views/Reads: 2463/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About a teenager who reflects on past memories while in her pyschologist's office - feedback appreciated.

"It was raining," Kate said and then paused and stared at the picture of
kittens across from her as if it somehow contained life's secrets. 

More than raining, she thought, pouring, raining cats and dogs, coming
down in sheets and I was sitting against a brick wall letting it wash 
over me as if..... 


"Sorry Doctor, what did you say?" 

"Nothing, I just wanted you to continue. You said it was raining, were
you outside?" 

"Yeah, I was sitting against the far wall of my school out by the soccer
field," Kate looked at the shrink and explained, "I was going out to 
have a cigarette; I was waiting for the rain to stop." Kate fumbled 
with the fabric at the hem of her faded Levis. 

"He drove by, Michael, Michael drove by. Offered me a lift, I was cold
and it was raining, so I got in." 

Mistake number one, outside in rain. Mistake number two, got in 35 year
old's car... well so far so good. He took me back to his apartment. 
"Here," Michael said handing me a towel, "Can I help you out of those 
wet clothes?" He had smiled, or smirked and pushed my long hair back 
behind my ear before he kissed me... 

Doc cleared her throat. "Did you know Michael before this?" 

"Hmm? Oh, um, yeah. Well I guess not really. I had met him at this party
once." Kate paused," Excuse me, why am I here? I don't really want your 
help, nor do I really need it. Yeah I slept with him, no he didn't 
force me....," Kate trailed off. 

Not at first. I let him kiss me, I'll never deny that. Everything
afterwards gets a little blurry. The beer, the black eye... which came 
first? He had tried to take off my shirt and I had pushed his arms 
away. "I can manage thanks," I had mumbled that, or something close and 
he kissed me again as he fumbled with my zipper. I pushed him again and 
he shrugged before walking away. When I went into the other room, he 
was sitting on his couch and I joined him now clad in a pair of his 
shorts and one of his shirts. He handed me a beer. After that beer and 
another he kissed me again and pushed me down on the couch, somehow 
when I pushed him away I fell back on to the couch and my eye began to 

Kate looked around the office, This place would make you crazy even if
you weren't already. Three clocks, one on the junktique end table next 
to her was upside down. One on the desk across from her was sideways. 
The last was on a filing cabinet to her left and it was right side up. 
The couch and its matching easy chair counterpart looked like great 
bundles of dead roses and this pattern seemed to spill over to the 
wallpaper as it crept up the walls in an effort to take over the room. 
Gardening with Dr. Frankenstine 

"Ok so, this is what happened. He picked me up, took me to his
apartment, screwed me and then took me back." Kate took a breath," 
Anything else you'd like to know?" 

I sound like a bitch. Fuckit. She doesn't really care, she gets paid to
hear me whine, so you know what? I'm not going to whine and she can get 
paid for hearing me bitch. 

"How do you feel, Kate?" 

I am slowly going crazy, one two three four five and six, slowly crazy
am I going, six... 

"Fine the rain helped. He dropped he back at the school and it was still
raining so I sat outside and let it bathe me. I felt dirty, but the 
rain helped and now I'm fine. I'm fine." 

She looked at the clock, time's up. Thank you for your time and

"I'll see you next week Kate" 

And the week after that and the week after that until you realize that
I'm not crazy. You'll probably still keep seeing me after that though, 
because I'll still look sad and sad kids bring in more money than happy 

"Goodbye Kate" 

Go to hell! 

"Goobye Doctor"


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