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Mother Dove (standard:humor, 591 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: May 19 2009Views/Reads: 2102/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mother Dove is about a woman who found a Dove nesting on her window ledge. The woman had to put in her air condioner. The story tells how she had to handle the situtation of how to move the Dove.

584-word count 

Mother Dove 

I could always tell when spring was near, by the sound of the sparrows
outside my bedroom window. I could hear their happy chirping as they 
were flying back and forth by my air conditioner as if discussing where 
they will build their nests and start a family. They would bring 
everything to the space under the air conditioner to make their nests. 
There would be feathers, pieces of cloth, dead leaves, or any other 
kind of garbage they could find. Sparrows can be very messy birds. 

One summer I had to get another air condition for my bedroom window the
one I had was not blowing cold air. And since I had asthma I had to 
keep it cool in my bedroom. 

One day as I glanced out of my bedroom window; I saw in the space where
the sparrows used to be. A larger bird sitting on a nest that was put 
together neater than the way the sparrows nests were. I had never seen 
this type of bird around my apartment building before. I called my 
daughter and described the bird to her and she said it was a Dove. 

The Dove never left her nest she was always there though rain or cold.
When my grandkids would come to visit they would peek at her by lifting 
the slat to the blind. She would look at us with trusting eyes as if 
she knew we would never hurt her or her eggs. 

After weeks of waiting the Dove's eggs finally hatched I awoke one
morning and saw her feeding her four hungry babies; she would be there 
for a while longer until her babies were strong enough to fly, and then 
after a while they were gone, and the weather was getting warmer; I 
could put my new air conditioner in. 

One morning I thought I would clean my window, and get ready for the air
conditioner; what I saw, shocked me. I saw mother Dove sitting on her 
nest again she looked at me with the same trusting eyes. I thought oh 
no! She is raising another family what will I do now? I had to put my 
air conditioner in the window. I had to figure out what to do. I would 
move her to the bathroom window quickly and hope she would go to the 
one egg in her nest. I dreaded moving the nest. I went to the bathroom 
to the make the window ready. As I reached for the nest. She jumped 
from it.  I picked the nest up quickly, and heard a loud painful cry 
come from the Dove a sign I had lost her trust. I went straight to the 
bathroom window and sat the nest there and pulled the blind and hoped 
she would go to it. 

I went to my daughter's for a couple of days and felt very optimistic
when I returned. I went straight to the bathroom and quietly lifted a 
slat of the blind and there she sat on her nest, but the look in her 
eyes was not as trusting as before. I didn't bother her except to peek 
now and then to see if she was still on the nest. The one egg hatched a 
lot quicker then the first four did. In about a week they were both 
gone I always wondered why she picked my window to nest, and where did 
that last egg come from. She was a good mother and protected her babies 
through everything. 


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